Bespoke duty consultancy, car sourcing and import service. Our expertise gives you absolute assurance that your chosen car represents the best value, best quality and matches your needs whilst being suitable for Kenyan roads.

Mercedes GLS Maybach

Diplomats & Ex-pats with duty exemption

Our highly experienced team consult and import cars for diplomats, ambassadors, UN employees, specialist NGO and World Bank employees.

Our global sourcing capability gives you access to the best cars, specs and prices from the UK, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Entrusted discreet professional sourcing and importing of exceptional prestige cars.

Finance your duty free car

Finance you duty free car import via our unique Kenyan bank partnerships. Residents with 6 months bank statements and employment contract in Kenya can qualify to finance a duty free vehicle.

Our team will be delighted to share the details with you.

Mercedes Maybach Interior
Returning residents

Returning residents

Get professional car import consultancy with detailed knowledge of current import regulations. We appreciate that details are vital and mistakes are costly.

The scale and unwavering professionalism of Mitchell Cotts ensures your car remains duty free provided all conditions are met.

Specialist car sourcing and import service

We advise clients on the best cars for Kenya. Taking all aspects into account, we help you understand the popularity of makes and models, ease of servicing, availability of parts, suitability for the local roads, the right wheels and accessories for your requirements, popular specifications which you will most benefit from and will help maintain the value of your car when it comes to selling.

Range Rover Velar
Businessman in car resized

Bespoke duty consultancy

Eventually your car will need to have some duty paid, when you come to sell it. Before buying your car, we will advise you on vehicles which attract lower duties and have high desirability to enable you to maximise your return.

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