Import UK cars to the Seychelles with our exceptional car import service. We find your perfect car and manage the import process with the greatest care and attention.

Import new and used UK cars to the Seychelles

Car sourcing specialists

We source prestige cars via our trade networks across the United Kingdom to find exceptional cars at the most competitive prices.

We share the best cars available across the UK with your preferred specification.

All prestige brands available including Mercedes, Range Rover, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin Tesla, BMW, Jaguar, Audi and more.

One clear import price to the port of Victoria.

Mercedes EQS

VAT free car sales

Sourcing and exporting VAT qualifying cars is at the heart of our car export service.

We find VAT qualifying cars and pass on the 20% VAT saving to you and seamlessly process the reclaim as an essential part of our service.

We pay for your VAT so you don't have to and we will not ask you to cover the cost of your VAT. Whether you have found a UK car or we source your car, we are happy to help you reclaim your VAT.

We cover the cost of VAT so you won’t have to, saving you the expense. It doesn’t matter whether you found the car yourself or we've sourced one for you, we're committed to saving you the UK VAT and keep the process as simple as possible for you.

Exceptional UK car export service

Your car is meticulously prepared to the highest standard before we export it. Our comprehensive export service incorporates all of the following:

We ensure that your car is meticulously prepared to the highest standards before exporting it. Our comprehensive export service covers all of the following:

Mileage verification and HPI background checks.

Purchasing, inspections and collection by our team

Stored under 24 hour surveillance

Customising, tuning and modifications available (as requested)

Paintwork reconditioning (if required)

Fully comprehensive insurance across the UK.

porsche cayenne headlight
Aston Martin DBX

Car shipping to Victoria

Your car's export is managed carefully every step of the way.

* We manage your shipping and logistics from the UK to Victoria.

* Carefully transport your car to the UK departure port.

* Ship your car to Victoria.

* Provide a high level of marine insurance throughout shipping

* DHL your original documents and loose items.

* We strongly recommend you use a licensed clearing agent to assist you through customs in Victoria

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Car Import Timings UK to the Seychelles

Importing your car from the UK takes between 33-68 days depending on the service you choose.

These timings breakdown as follows:

Day 1: Car inspected, collected and transported to our office.

Days 2-8: Shipping booked, modifications completed, transported to the UK port.

Days 9-12: Packed into the container, loaded onto the vessel.

Days 13-33 to 68: Shipping from the UK to the port of Victoria

What You Receive By Courier

We DHL all for your car’s documents to your preferred address ready for clearing and registration. This is usually you or your nominated clearing agent.

V5 Log book

HPI certificate

Bill of Lading

MOT certificate (UK roadworthiness certificate)

Full service history

Manufacturers Book Pack

Locking Wheel Nut (where applicable)

High value loose items such as the spare key, headphones, remote control.

Car Import Restrictions for the Seychelles

Cars must be less than 3 years old and right hand drive.

There is no mandatory pre-export inspection.

All motor vehicles need an import permit.

Required Documents to import used cars into the Seychelles

Bill of entry (in duplicate)


Bill of Lading

Packing List/ List of goods in cargo

Copy of passport of most recent entry in Seychelles

Copy of passport of exit of 12 months or more from Seychelles

Import permit

Letter from the organization to certify that the student/graduate was sent for studies or in cases whereby the student/graduate went to study at their own expenses, they must provide document(s) proving their attended institution of study. (If applicable) i)

Proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Copy of driving license

Guidelines for the import of used vehicles by returning residents.

The vehicle to be imported is intended for the use of passengers.

One person is allowed to import only one vehicle.

A returning resident will not be permitted to import another used vehicle in the country after the grant of import permits. Only if the returning national moves abroad again, he/she will be allowed to import another used vehicle in Seychelles.

The vehicle should have a right-hand drive steering and must not be more than 3 years old. The used vehicle should also be categorized under HS code 8703 or 8711.

The used vehicle should be imported within 6 months of the arrival of the returning national in Seychelles.

The vehicle is not permitted to be sold for at least 2 years after the vehicle has been registered with the Seychelles License Authority (SLA).

Only the returning nationals or graduates who are above 18 years of age are allowed to import used vehicles in Seychelles.

If the returning national has stayed abroad for at least 9 months for studies and has been recognized by the Ministry of Education, then he/she is allowed to import the vehicle.

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