Export VAT qualifying cars from any UK dealer.

Exporting a VAT qualifying car from a non export dealer in the UK needn’t be a problem. If a UK dealer isn’t experienced with export, they may tell you they can’t sell the car to you. We help many clients export the car they have found online. We simple take over the transaction and sell the car to you VAT free and export it for you.

How it works

We buy the car on your behalf.

We sell it to you VAT free.

We export it to your country in the usual way.

This keeps the sale simple for the dealer as it’s a UK transaction for him. We manage the VAT reclaim as part of our service. You buy the car at the VAT free price and can feel confident that your car is being exported professionally by our expert team. We work together with many UK dealer to assist VAT free car export for our overseas clients.

So if you have found a VAT qualifying car online that you would like to export, get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help.

Export VAT qualifying UK cars VAT free from any UK dealer