Import your car with our prestige car import service. Our sourcing specialists will help you find your perfect car from the UK, Japan or Australia and import it with expert care to Zimbabwe.

Your prestige car import service

Car sourcing specialists

Our team are experts in sourcing new and used cars from the UK, Japan or Australia. They help you find your ideal car and will advise you on specifications, condition, and negotiate pricing so you can buy your ideal car at best value.

For UK cars we strive to source VAT qualifying cars so you can get a 20% saving off the purchase price when we export it to Zimbabwe.

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Car importing made easy

We take care of each step of your car’s export all the way to your preferred port.

  • We find your perfect car
  • Quote one clear price for the whole export service.
  • Pay the UK VAT so you don’t have to.
  • Arrange CIF shipping to your preferred port: Durban, Walvis Bay, Maputo or Dar.
  • Manage all transport to the destination port.
  • Courier all paperwork and loose items to you.

One clear price

We provide clear pricing for your car export so you can be confident that you have no hidden extra costs while your car is shipping.

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Complete car import service

We ensure all pre-export checks are taken care of, manage your shipping booking and make any modifications you might like.

We include everything in your service: Transport insurance, shipping, UK transport, UK VAT reclaim and safe payments. See our complete guide to importing for details.

Stress free importing

We have thought of everything so you don’t have to. With over 10 years car export experience, know what it takes to get your car safely to Zimbabwe.

You could be driving your car within 30 day of choosing it.

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Find out how easy it is to import your car.

Trusted by over 3,300 customers worldwide.

Your prestige car import service

Outstanding Import Service
includes everything you need to import your car to Zimbabwe.

Our cars are shipped and insured service to Durban, Walvis Bay, Maputo or Dar es Salaam.

Bespoke sourcing of your vehicle, purchase, inspection and collection.

Storage of your car in our safe compound.

Paintwork re-conditioning. (if required)

Mileage checks & reports.

Company pre-export inspections.

Transport to the departure port.

Fully comprehensive insurance in the UK.

Roll-on roll-off and container shipping

High level of marine insurance throughout shipping.

Safe payments accept payment in USD, GBPs.

DHL of original documents and loose items

How to import a car to Zimbabwe

If you are looking to understand the import process in more detail, our video provides a step by step guide will help you to import a car to Zimbabwe. Understand how the car import process works, from the UK all the way to collection in Harare; including car sourcing, Vat free exports, shipping, transport, costs, vehicle regulations and calculating duties in Zimbabwe.

Car import timings from the UK to Zimbabwe

How long to import a car from the UK to Zimbabwe

Shipping timings from the UK to Zimbabwe

The amount of time it will take to import your car is mostly dependant on the port you ship your car to. The table below show the differences in shipping journey from the UK to urban, Walvis Bay, Maputo and Dar es Salaam

Shipping timings from the UK to Zimbabwe

Key documents you will receive by courier.

All loose items are removed from your car prior to departure and sent by courier to you along with all key documents to you or your clearing agent. You can expect the receive the following:

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Import requirements for cars to Zimbabwe

Documents required to clear a second-hand car from Customs in Zimbabwe:

For declaration Private importations require Form 49 (receipt) and professional importers must complete Form 47.

Invoice/agreement of sale

Police clearance – SARPCO Certificate (when imported from a country in Southern Africa)

Export bill of entry and supporting documents

Registration book (in the case of used motor vehicles)

Selling commission





Freight (up to the place of import, only when the vehicle is not driven to such place of import)

Insurance (up to the place of import)

Documents required for your vehicle to be registered locally:

Customs Clearance Certificate

Police clearance

Proof of residence (utility bills)

National Identity Document

Clearance papers required:

Bill of Entry

Form 49 Receipt

Release Order

There are no age restrictions for used car imports into Zimbabwe. Import duties, taxes and fees will apply. We recommend that you employ a licensed clearing agent to assist you. The Customs and Excise Act requires that clearing agents are licensed by Zimra annually.

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