Discover the luxury car import service. Our team will help you find your dream car, negotiate for the best price and export it to you with expert care.

Your luxury car import service

Car Sourcing Experts

Sourcing and exporting cars since 2009, our expert team source cars from the UK, Japan and Australia find your perfect car at the best price. We will advise you on the differences in the specifications, the car’s condition and ensure it is in excellent condition.

For UK cars, we aim to source a VAT qualifying car. This will enable you to buy your car VAT free and so you will save 20% off the retail price.

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Cars loaded onto a car transporter

Car Import Specialists

Our expert team manage each step of your car’s purchase and export for you.

  • We find your perfect car.
  • Quote one clear price for your whole export service.
  • Manage the purchase and collection.
  • Pay the UK VAT so you don’t have to.
  • Arrange CIF shipping to Maputo.
  • Manage all transport to the UK port.
  • Courier all loose items and paperwork to you.

Your luxury car import service

We manage your Intertek inspection, your shipping booking and ensure any modifications you might like are added before your car is exported.

We include everything in your service: Transport insurance, shipping, UK transport, UK VAT reclaim and safe payments. See below for details.

And we believe in one clear price so you can be confident that there will be no hidden costs to pay later.

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UK to Maputo in 35 days

We manage each step of your car’s import to Maputo. With over 10 years car export experience, we understand what it takes to import your car safely to Mozambique.

You can simply relax and look forward to driving your new car for the first time in just 35 days.

Discover the professional car import service

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What's included in the CIF import service to Maputo

Cars are exported CIF to Maputo which includes all transport, shipping and insurance costs to Maputo. Your quote includes everything needed to import your car with the greatest care:

Bespoke sourcing of your vehicle, purchase, inspection and collection.

Storage of your vehicle until it is ready to be transported to the port.

Paintwork re-conditioning (if required).

Mileage checks & reports.

Company pre-export inspections.

Transport to the departure port (on a trailer if the car is new).

Fully comprehensive insurance throughout its UK journey.

High level of marine insurance throughout shipping.

DHL of all original documentation and vulnerable loose items to you or your agent.

The car import process to Maputo

When we have collected your car, we will take it for the inspection at Intertek, make any modifications that you would like, carry out any paint re-conditioning (free of charge) and manage your shipping booking. Your car is stored securely whilst awaiting the boat departure. We will send you photos so you can see your car close up before it leaves the UK. The shipping journey from the UK to Maputo takes around 25 days. When your car reaches Maputo, we strongly recommend that you use a licensed clearing agent to manage your car through customs.

Car import timings to Mozambique via Maputo

How long to import a car from Uk to Mozambique

Couriered items you will receive.

Before leaving us, we will remove all loose times from your car such as headsets and these will be courier to you along with all the key documents listed below.

V5 Log book

HPI certificate

MOT certificate (UK roadworthiness certificate)

Full service history

Manufacturers Book Pack

Locking Wheel Nut (where applicable)

High value loose items such as the spare key, headphones, remote control.

Import restrictions

There is no age restriction for vehicles being imported into Mozambique. All vehicles must pass a roadworthiness inspection carried out by Intertek. This is arranged for you in both the UK or Japan as part of our pre-export preparation. Taxes and clearance charges will be applied by the Government of Mozambique. Please see the link to website for details.

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