Import UK cars to St Lucia with our outstanding car import service. We find the ideal vehicle for you and manage the import process with the greatest care and attention.

Import new and used UK cars to St Lucia

Car sourcing specialists

We source cars via trade networks throughout the United Kingdom to locate exceptional cars at the most competitive prices.

We share the best cars with your preferred specification across the UK.

All prestige brands available including Mercedes, Range Rover, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jeep, Honda, Tesla, BMW, Jaguar and more.

One clear import price to Castries.

Range Rover Serenity

VAT free car sales

Sourcing and exporting VAT qualifying cars is a core part of our car export service.

We find VAT qualifying cars and transfer the 20% VAT saving to you and process the reclaim as an integral part of our service.

We cover the cost of VAT on your behalf, sparing you the expense, whether you found a car in the UK or we've sourced one for you. We're committed to passing on the VAT saving and simplify the process as much as we can for you.

Outstanding UK car export service

Your car is meticulously prepared to the highest standard before we export it. Our comprehensive export service incorporates all of the following:

* Mileage verification and HPI background checks.

* Purchasing, inspections and collection by our team

* Stored under 24 hour surveillance

* Customising, tuning and modifications available (as requested)

* Paintwork reconditioning (if required)

* Fully comprehensive insurance across the UK.

Audi E-Tron GT

Car shipping to Castries

Your car's export is managed carefully every step of the way.

* We manage your shipping and logistics.

* Carefully transport your car to the UK departure port.

* Ship your car to Castries

* Provide a high level of marine insurance throughout shipping

* DHL your original documents and loose items.

* We strongly recommend you use a licensed clearing agent to assist you through customs in St Lucia

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Car Import Timings UK to St Lucia

Importing your car from the UK takes around 13 days from the moment your car is collected in the UK to the moment it reaches the port in Castries. These timings breakdown as follows:

Day 1: Car inspected, collected and transported to our office.

Days 2-8: Shipping booked, modifications completed, transported to the UK port.

Days 9-12: Packed into the container, loaded onto the vessel.

Days 13-26: Shipping from the UK to Castries

What You Receive By Courier

We DHL all for your car’s documents to your preferred address ready for clearing and registration. This is usually you or your nominated clearing agent.

V5 Log book

HPI certificate

Bill of Lading

MOT certificate (UK roadworthiness certificate)

Full service history

Manufacturers Book Pack

Locking Wheel Nut (where applicable)

High value loose items such as the spare key, headphones, remote control.

Car Import Restrictions For St Lucia

There are no age restrictions imposed on cars being imported to St Lucia.

The pre-export inspection is required and must be carried out by EAA.

Exemptions on Motor Vehicle Imports.

For returning nationals, one motor vehicle (per family) (non commercial) whether new or used with a CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value of not more than US$30,000.00 free of Import Duty, Excise Tax and Value Added Tax.

he National must however import that vehicle within three months before or after taking up residence on the island. The exemptions can also be applied to a vehicle purchased in Saint Lucia by the returning national within three months of taking up residence. Customs Service Charge is payable. Where it is not possible to purchase the vehicle within the time-frame specified, a passenger may write the Comptroller requesting an extension. There is no guarantee that it will be granted.

If the CIF value of a motor vehicle imported (or purchased locally) under this concession exceeds US$30,000.00 all applicable customs duties will be payable on the amount in excess of US$30,000.00.

A vehicle granted under concession shall not be sold, exchanged or in any way disposed of within three years (36 months) from the date of importation.

Required Documents for car imports to St Lucia

The following documents must accompany the Customs Entry:

CIF Invoice(s);

Airway Bill or Bill of Lading;

Certificate of Origin (where it affords exemption of duty);

Form 61 or 62;

Import Licenses/Import Permits (where applicable).

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