New And Used Aston-Martin Cars

Aston Martin

Beauty, class-leading automotive design and engineering form the ethos behind the Aston Martin brand. This legendary British company, beloved of drivers and movie-goers alike, was formed in 1913 and initially concentrated on hill climb and racing cars. Only later did the company branch out into the eye-catching, road-going sports cars we know today. Now, there is a thriving market for new and used Aston Martin cars. More recently, saloon and SUV variants have been added to the portfolio, enhancing the range of iconic sports cars.

Inevitably, the names of Aston Martin and James Bond are closely associated in the minds of filmgoers, every since the DB5 first made its appearance. This is not just trivia. The association has been very important, instilling the brand with hints of excitement and adventure, which is why the association is maintained.

A True Sporting Ethos

Created with a distinctive and individual character, these cars deliver the very best in automotive craftsmanship and with a reputation for blistering performance. By not installing automated assembly lines at their premises, the company have remained true to tradition. Each component of the car is made and then assembled by hand; even the stitching on the interior is done hand crafted and it is this personal touch that delivers that special aura of quality and luxury which makes it worthwhile becoming an owner.

Distinctively Aston Martin

This brand’s visual signatures are essential to the image. To alter them changes that widely recognised image and that just feels wrong. It’s that familiarity that marks out every Aston Martin throughout the ongoing development over many decades; changes in design, aerodynamics, materials and craftsmanship, all revolving around the familiar front grille.

The Cars

The range of cars from Aston Martin is small but each has its own niche.

Vantage & DB11

The agile and comfortable Vantage, in coupé and convertible form, has a striking, head-turning design with those wide rear-wheel drive haunches and is powered by a responsive and characterful V8 engine. There’s plenty of luggage space too, for a weekend away.

Former owner David Brown’s initials continue to feature in the brand identity with the flagship four-seat model in the range, the DB11. Powered by a V12 engine, the interior, like all Aston models, DB11’s interior feels fabulous. Beautifully stitched leather covers most surfaces with wood and aluminium highlights. It’s a very nice place to be even when stationary.


Aston Martin recently joined the race for the best prestige SUV and the V8 powered DBX certainly fits the bill. It’s the practical Aston Martin with an off-road image.


With achingly beautiful coupé-like styling, the Rapide saloon is a genuine four seater, now discontinued, that, despite the size, is engaging and surprisingly agile to drive.

DBS & Vanquish

Both cars are only available as used Aston Martins but that doesn’t detract from the desirability. Both are about performance, the V12 engine being more aggressively tuned. These models make great used grand touring car buys.

Driving An Aston Martin

One of the appealing features that attract many people to buy these sports cars is the performance, but it is not all about the speed. Just getting in is an experience in itself with the view down the long bonnet hinting at the drive to come. Press the start button and an Aston roars into life, but pull away into traffic and it behaves impeccably. Modern models even have a stop/start function to preserve fuel in traffic queues and at traffic lights.

Out on the motorway or the open road and the experience is thrilling. Individual models vary but to accelerate from 0-60 mph in around a scant four seconds is truly exciting. How a driver uses these cars is always going to be dependent upon local laws and restrictions but, in use, an Aston Martin is one of the finest touring cars ever to hit the highways and byways. Performance is fast and accurate, rewarding a smooth driving technique. Impressive.

Why Buy An Aston Martin From MHH International?

For a start, all these are cars are fabulous to behold with smooth lines and low-slung curves. Always discreet by design, never flashy, these British-built vehicles are more than capable of attracting attention. It is almost as if an Aston Martin is purpose-designed to turn heads. With a planned fully-electric future ahead from 2030, Aston Martin continue to move with the times.

The experience of buying a new or used Aston Martin should be as pleasurable as owning one and now it is possible to import cars from the UK to Kenya and New Zealand through our comprehensive service. Experience the ultimate motoring dream.