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Can you supply new cars?

Yes we are frequently placing orders for new cars on behalf of our clients. Be aware there may be an extended delivery time due to the vehicle having to be built to order.
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Do you supply spare parts?

Yes, we can supply everything from brake pads, complete engines to performance & styling accessories. We can supply Genuine and Non Genuine spare parts for most makes and models of vehicles.

We can also provide Service Packs for vehicle fleets and individual vehicles alike. This allows you to spread the cost of ownership and also ensuring minimal downtime when servicing vehicles locally with immediate availability of replacement parts.

All parts orders are securely wrapped prior to despatch from the UK and shipped by either DHL, airfreight or container, depending on the order size. We understand that delivery time is key and therefore we will keep you updated on the delivery status of your order at all times.

All parts orders are subject to a £500 minimum order value for first time customers. There is no minimum order requirement if you are currently purchasing a vehicle with us.

If you have already, or are in the process of purchasing a vehicle from MHH International, please discuss your parts and accessories requirements with us. We will tell you more about our service packs and ways to customise your vehicle before it leaves the UK.
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Is it just Prestige, Performance or Supercars that you supply?

As long as the vehicle fulfills all of your county’s import legislation we can help source most make and models of cars, commercial vehicles and parts.
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Can you help with the importing of the vehicle at my end?

We are able to offer extended clearing and delivery services to Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, Thailand, Tanzania and New Zealand. Please read the country specific pages for details.
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Is the vehicle insured whilst in transit?

Our CIF service insures your vehicle up to the point where it is offloaded form the vessel at the Port. It is then your responsibility to insure the vehicle locally. Of course our Shipping department will update you on the arrival of your vehicle so that you have plenty of time to arrange the necessary cover. Cars being delivered inland will have road insurance until the point of collection unless we advise otherwise.

UK cars:
Your car is comprehensively insured for road risk with Amlin from collection to the docks. Our cover protects you for the full value of the car and not just for the weight of the car.

Japanese cars:
Marine insurance is covered by our partner’s policy. Details available on request.
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How long does the process take?

It entirely depends on the service you choose but typically for the CIF service we can source a used vehicle and have it ready for shipping within 1-2 weeks. New vehicles will depend on the factory order lead time. Shipping then typically takes 4-6 weeks depending on your location. Please see the country pages for your specific transport options and more accurate shipping times.
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How is the vehicle shipped?

It’s entirely up to you, whether you want the vehicle shipped in a container or by air freight. We have the facilities to arrange your preferred option. All the vital paperwork such as the Bill of Lading and the vehicle V5 certificate is couriered via DHL separately.
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How do I get the vehicle inspected?

Pre-export inspections are all part of our service and are included in the price of your vehicle. We take your vehicle to the required pre-export inspector such as QISJ, Intertek or Jevic prior to your vehicle being shipped. All relevant documentation is then shared with you for your records.
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Can I get finance on a new or used car?

MHH International is proud to be the first (and only) importer from the UK to work with leading banks in Kenya such as Chase bank, CBA, NIC and Dtb to enable you to finance your MHH purchase through an Asset Finance agreement. Finance is available for both new and used cars. Just let us know if you’d like more information about financing options when you enquire.
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How do you accept payment?

For new or used cars, we require the deposit of approximately 10% to secure your car with the supplier and commit us to working on your behalf. Once the sale has been agreed, we’d then require you to pay the balance if you are using our wholesale service or when you receive your vehicle in country if you have opted for our Retail Service.

For factory orders, we require the deposit to secure the order with the manufacturer. The balance payment is due when the car is ready for collection from the factory.

We can also accept Letters of Credit (conditions apply). All payments are normally by bank transfer. However, we have accounts with each of our Partner Banks and therefore can accept payments in Kenyan Shillings at a pre agreed exchange rate.
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What currency can I pay in?

You can pay in British Pounds, Kenyan Shilling, US Dollars or Euros. Yes, we will agree an exchange rate up front and you can either deposit or make a full payment into one of our local accounts by bank transfer.
Please note that we do not accept cheques.
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The price which you quote, does that include all costs?

We like to keep life simple and opt for a no-surprises approach. We quote one clear price for the service you opt for. For deliver to the docks service, the price quoted includes the cost of the car, transport within the originating country, quality control checks, shipping, insurance thoughout the journey, MHH International fees and the DHL costs. Clearing and delivery services will include the additional services you have requested. So simply put, the price to you choose reflects the service you opt for. For details of services available in your country please see the country specific pages.

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How long have you been exporting vehicles?

MHH International has been well established for over six years and we are currently exporting more and more vehicles each month.
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How do I know what I am buying?

New vehicles: Prior to deposit, we supply you with a proforma invoice which includes a full vehicle specification including the approximate delivery date. Once the vehicle arrives with us and before shipment, we supply you with photos of your car. After the car has shipped, we DHL all relevant documentations such as the Bill of Lading, Logbook and spare key in ample time for the vehicle’s arrival at its destination port.

Nearly new vehicles: Once we find a vehicle that would be of interest, we would send you as much information about that particular vehicle as possible, including an in depth description, photos and copies of all relevant paperwork. We only supply used U.K cars with full service history, and Japanese cars that are a grade 4 and above.

All of our cars are checked against a pre collection checklist, a copy of which can be provided upon request.

We will never buy a car that does not meet with our strict quality requirements. We would rather lose a sale than supply you with a vehicle that is not of the quality we expect.
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Do you have agents?

We work very closely with an appointed agent in Kenya. In addition, we also have a Customer Services Representative employed by MHH International who is based in Nairobi. Their role is to make sure, along with us, that you receive the high quality service you expect.

In New Zealand we work very closely with McCullough who provide all local services required to import and deliver your vehicle to your require destination.
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How does your process work?

Just tell us what you want and we’ll source you exactly the car you want, and save you money in the process. There’s no catch – by operating as we do we hold little stock, so we can pass on savings to you and still provide a personal and comprehensive service. We’ll only recommend UK supplied cars which come with a full main dealer service history.
Japanese cars are bid for on your behalf if they are at auction, or bought directly via our partners if they are on sale directly. The usual inspection and import process then takes over.
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What Security checks do you perform to ensure the car has no unwanted history?

UK cars are checked for insurance write off claims, accidental damage history, mileage verification, police history checks, log book validity, valid service history and MOT validity. In addition we employ ex-police officers with experience in vehicle fraud investigations.

For Japanese cars: Quality assurance comes to us from a number of sources. All cars need to have all of the following to make the grade:

  • Grade 4 on the national grading from the auctioneer
  • Country specific pre-export inspection approval
  • The current registration certificate (verifying mileage)