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The QISJ inspection is an important part of buying a car import for Kenya. This complete guide provides you with the information you will need to get your car its QISJ certificate.

Who are QISJ?

Quality Inspection Services Japan (QISJ) are a motor vehicle inspection company who specialise in a variety of inspection services. They are important for car imports to Kenya because they are contracted by KEBS (Kenya Bureau of Standards) to carry out the pre- shipment inspection for vehicles being exported from countries such as the UK and imported into Kenya.

Why do I need a QISJ inspection?

The pre-shipment inspection from QISJ checks that your car import meets the strict Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS:1515:2000. QISJ pre-shipment inspections are also required by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) for vehicle exports to Tanzania.

What happens in the QISJ inspection?

It is essential that before your car is taken for its QISJ inspection, that you check that it has at least 3 months valid MOT certification on it. This is used as an important verification as to the quality of your vehicle before the QISJ inspection begins.

During your inspection, the following areas are inspected:

- Test drive: Acceleration and brakes.

- Accuracy of the speedometer

- Exhaust emissions

- Headlights

- Engine; including fan belt, Battery, Master cylinder, Carburetor, Fuel pipes, Injection pump. Wiring harness, Generator, Cooling system, Manifolds and Lubrication System.

- Chassis; including Springs, Shock absorbers.

- Body; damage to the exterior, interior or under the chassis.

- Interior: including Steering wheel, Power Steering, Gauges, Climate Control, Door, Windows, Wipers, Mirrors, Gearbox, Safety Belts, Brake pedal, Clutch pedal and Function.

- Radiation; applicable for Japanese car exports.

Does QISJ verify my mileage?

No, QISJ does not check of odometer tampering or irregularities in mileage history. The QISJ inspection reads the mileage as displayed on the car’s dashboard. A QISJ certificate with a confirmed mileage does not provide you with a genuine mileage. To have your mileage history verified as genuine, your supplier should get HPI certification.

This checks that the car’s mileage is in line with the mileage updates which are entered into the national database each time your car is serviced. Any irregular readings are flagged by the HPI inspection. We recommend your supplier does this as part of the standard background checks on your car before you buy it.

Who arranges the QISJ inspection?

Your exporter should arrange it for you. Certain shippers will also manage your booking. You can also make your own booking online via the QISJ website if you wish to manage your booking yourself.

When does the QISJ inspection happen?

The pre-export inspection must happen before the car is delivered to the shipping line for export. Inspections can be carried out at a location of your choosing or you can take the car to one of the QISJ inspection centres.

How long does a QISJ inspection take?

The inspection takes circa half an hour.

How much does a QISJ inspection cost?

At the time of writing the UK price for a QISJ inspection is £200 including VAT. Call out fees can be another £120 including VAT if your car is being inspected at your preferred site.

Who pays for the QISJ inspection?

Your supplier or shipper will arrange this with you or you will pay QISJ directly via their online system.

Do I get a QISJ inspection certificate?

QISJ issue an e-certificate to whoever has set up the inspection. This is a digital certificate which is downloaded from the QISJ website.

Here is an example certificate so you know yours is genuine.


What do I do with my QISJ certificate?

It is important you save your QISJ certificate as it is a critical part of your customs procedure. A copy of your QISJ certificate will be needed by your clearing agent in Kenya or Tanzania.

What happens if my car fails the QISJ inspection ?

If you are unfortunate enough for your car to fail, your car importer should help you to find services needed to resolve the problem. This is one of those times when it is important to have chosen to buy your car with a reputable car importer who will be happy to assist you, rather work on your own to fix the issue.

It is a better plan and to buy a quality car from the outset than to spend more money fixing and re-testing your car as those unforeseen costs soon mount up.

As experts in car export, our team manages all aspects of your car’s export, so you can feel confident it is being handled professionally all the way to your personal handover in Nairobi.

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