Your Buyers Guide to the top 100 cars available in the UK today

Whilst the internet has made viewing cars easier, the explosion of car websites can make the experience overwhelming. With so many options and multitudes of suppliers, knowing where to begin is a tough. So we have created the MHH International stock list to give you the inside track on the best cars we find everyday in the UK. And the great news is most of them are 20% off the UK cost price.

Our stock list promise

  • Updated daily with the latest cars.
  • Almost all stock is UK VAT free which saves you 20% off the UK cost price.
  • All cars are handpicked by our team so you can feel confident you are seeing the best selection.
  • We are always searching for the rare VAT qualified cars which are 2011 or to take the hard work out of searching for the best prices for you.
  • All prices are inclusive of shipping and insurance worldwide so you can feel confident of there are no hidden import costs.

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