Alistair Benn
By Alistair Benn

One of the most frequent questions we receive is about how payments work when buying a car import. This article explains the different ways you can pay for your car import to Kenya so you will fully understand the payment options from immediate payments, split payments, asset finance and letter of credit.

There are several ways you can pay for your car import depending on the service you are choosing. Firstly it’s important that you are very comfortable with the company you are working with. In our opinion they should be making it easy for you to pay locally and put steps in place to feel confident that your money is safe.

Immediate Payments for C&F services

The most simple way to pay is for a C&F purchase. The C&F service covers you for everything for your car to reach Mombasa port. Purchases require a minimum of £500 deposit to secure your car and take it off the market. The balance for the C&F service to Mombasa is due within 7-10 days of the deposit being paid. The balance funds are held in our customer account until the car has been inspected by our collections team and they are happy that your car is 100%. No additional payments will be due.

Can I stagger payments?

For C&F import services we will not be able to ship the car until 100% of the balance has been received. This is essentially a split payment because it requires a deposit followed by the balance. For car that are being delivered by us to Nairobi we will accept 70% payment pre-shipment. The balance of 30% is required on arrival in Mombasa ahead of the duties being paid.

Can I pay locally in Kenya?

Yes, absolutely. We have accounts with NCBA Bank which accept Kenyan Shillings and US Dollars.

Payments for Asset Finance?

For asset finance purchases we require a 20% deposit to secure your car. This is all you need to pay to MHH International.  Your first payment for your asset finance loan becomes due one month after receiving your car in Nairobi.

How Do Payments Work for a Japanese Auction Car?

We require a 10% holding deposit in order to bid on the car. (This is fully refundable if the car isn’t won.) Then the usual payment terms are applied.

  • C&F purchases need the balance payment within 7-10 days.
  • Cars which are going to be cleared and delivered to Nairobi by MHH International need a 60% payment within 7-10 days of winning the auction so the car can leave Japan. The remaining 30% becomes due as the car reaches Mombasa.
  • Cars bought with asset finance terms require a top up to the agreed deposit level within 7-10 days of the car being won at auction. (So a minimum 10% is needed if you agreed to pay 20%). The loan payments then become due one month after you have collected your car.

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