New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA: First Look

Alfa Romeo Guilia GTA
The good news when it comes to the Italian brand is that past worries about fragility can be dismissed and put back in their box. Alfa Romeo scored an impressive fourth place for reliability in a recent major survey and none more so than the gorgeous and very popular Giulia saloon. To follow that Alfa have produced an even more stunning version of this car, resurrecting the legendary model designation of GTA, and MHH International have had a first look at this tremendous vehicle.


A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy For Ever

The Giulia is a superb example of car design. In a world of bland SUV's it is good to see that the spirit of true automotive beauty is alive and well at Alfa Romeo.


To be built only in limited numbers, the new Giulia GTA is available in two versions, the Giulia GTA with four doors and seats and the coupé Giulia GTAm with two race seats, roll-bar and six-point harness. Both cars will feature the 2.9L V6 Bi-Turbo petrol engine producing an astonishing 540hp, with just a hint of Ferrari. To further enhance performance there is a raft of weight saving solutions to remain true to the ethos of the original 1965 GTA model. This is a vehicle that stops you in your tracks just so you can gaze upon this motor as one would at any wonder of the world.

From an historical perspective, the acronym GTA stands for ‘Gran Turismo Alleggerita’ (alleggerita being the Italian term for “lightened”), and it originated in 1965 with the Giulia Sprint GTA, a specific version derived from the Sprint GT. The body of the Giulia Sprint GT was replaced with an identical version in aluminium, making it lighter and thus aiding performance.


From The World Of Formula 1

On the GTA, the Alfa Romeo engineers have worked to improve the aerodynamics and handling as well as weight reduction. The active aerodynamics were specifically studied to increase the downforce, we learn. These solutions contain technical know-how that comes directly from Formula 1, thanks to collaboration with Sauber Engineering and the use of the Sauber Aerokit. The same design ethos is assigned to the side skirts, the specific rear spoiler (on the coupé) and the active front splitter. As you would expect, a special exhaust makes sure that the sound effects match the looks.


Internal Beauty

Trimmed with Alcantara, the dashboard, door panels, glove compartment, side pillars and the central trim on the seats, characterise the interior. In the GTAm, the rear seat has been removed, leaving room for a fully upholstered area with specific mouldings designed to hold crash helmets and a fire extinguisher, or indeed, luggage. It also features a roll-bar, no door panels or rear seats and the door is opened with a belt in place of the handle, another touch inspired by the racing world.


The four-door is conventional and of course it goes with saying that leather features fully and the interior is every bit as unique and impressive, as is expected from the Italian masters.


The name of Alfa Romeo is a legend in motoring circles and boasts a unique history. This year the company will have been in business for 110 years, during which its engineers and designers have relentlessly pursued innovation. Certainly, in the late 20th Century, the reputation faded over quality issues but that's all now in the past and, over the years, this brand has created some of the most iconic vehicles ever built. If the GTA is too much, the regular Giulia is available with frugal or diesels or in performance mode with the desirable Quadrifoglio variant. It's one of the best prestige cars available.











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