MHH International Takes A First Look At The Lexus LC Flagship

Lexus LC, MHH International
Historically, Lexus cars have not generally taken the breath away with exotic design. With superb build quality this Japanese brand has impressed with its big, solid dependable saloons many of which are still going long after they first appeared but they are not all head-turners.

These days however, Lexus have some beautifully designed vehicles, right up to date with the latest trends. Their cars showcase the qualities of design, engineering and advanced technology that define Lexus as a

premium car maker. It is these attributes that symbolise the company’s ambition as a prestige lifestyle brand. The crowning glory is the LC, as featured here, their new flagship 2+2 luxury coupé.


Lexus LC, MHH International


With its sleek, fluid and avant-garde looks this sports car has been thoroughly engineered through every dimension to deliver a very special driving experience. It is sharper and more refined than any of its predecessors. Every aspect of the LC’s performance, ride and handling is of the highest order..


The Lexus LC is a contemporary interpretation in the finest traditions of the grand tourer; a coupé honed for ride and handling yet properly focused for the road, not the track. With fine handling and responsiveness to driver input it’s been truly tested on some of the world’s great driving roads. The end product is a car that delivers a rewarding and hugely enjoyable experience whilst retaining the comfort we have come to expect from this badge.


Lexus LC Interior, MHH International

Hybrid Or V8?


There are two versions available: the LC 500h and the LC 500; two models that offer uniquely different propositions to customers. The LC 500h marks a revolution in the development of hybrid technology as the first model to benefit from Lexus’s Multi-Stage Hybrid System. Adding a multi-stage shift device to the 3.5litre V6 hybrid power-train helps transform the driving experience with a greater spread of torque and more usable power. The combined petrol/lithium-ion battery electric drive delivers crisp, linear acceleration across a wider range of engine speeds, driving through a 10-speed automatic gearbox.


Lexus LC Interior, MHH International


For those who prefer their performance old school, the regular LC 500 is powered by the latest development of Lexus’s normally aspirated V8

petrol engine, tuned to deliver 471bhp, which is, to be sure, more than enough. The driver will experience that powerful acceleration feel and the kind of engine note that only a normally aspirated V8 can deliver.

Again, this version is matched to the world’s first 10-speed direct shift automatic transmission (first for a premium car that is). It is a genuinely rewarding and high-spirited driving experience. Both cars benefit from the addition of a limited slip differential.


Lexus LC, Front seats, MHH International

Luxury Interior


The area around the lucky front passenger spreads outwards to create a comfortable and welcoming space whilst the driver’s area has been ergonomically designed to instil confidence and invite spirited driving. The layout of the controls is intuitive and the perfect seating position is simplicity itself thanks to a hip point that is located as close as possible to the coupé’s centre of gravity. The rear seats will accommodate occasional passengers for short journeys and children will love it.


Throughout the cabin, the quality and finish of the upholstery, trim materials and detailing reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail for which Lexus is renowned.


Lexus LC, MHH International


It goes without saying that the LC features as standard the Lexus Safety System, a collection of active safety and driver assistance features that can help the driver avoid or lessen the effects of an accident. Prices for this hugely desirable car start at around £73,000 in the UK. The Lexus LC is a very tempting prospect.

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