Import the Petrol 2019 VW Touareg R Line for Just 10.45M Kes Duty Paid to Nairobi.

2019 VW Touareg R Line
Launched in 2018, the new shape VW Touareg R Line hits the sweet spot with the exterior, right between grand and sophisticated but still family friendly. With sharper edges than the older models, this immaculate Touareg also has a very quiet cabin which muffles the engine, noise and vibrations. This 3.0L petrol VW Touareg with only 925 miles will definitely make you stand out from the rest  at a landed cost of 10.45M KES. This is just one example of the Touaregs you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 

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