Import The 2019 Bmw X7 M Sport For Just Kes 13.75m Duty Paid To Nairobi.

Jun 16, 2020

2019 BMW X7 M Sport Luxury SUV Front Cabin
The BMW X7 is one of the luxury SUVs and the biggest in the BMW family which is what many people find appealing about it. Everything about this car is big including the huge kidney grill being the biggest ever to be used. It is a 7 seater with the third row being collapsible giving it a lot of boot space where needed. This BMW X7 with only 5,500 miles could be yours today for Kes 13.75M duty paid in Nairobi. This is just one example of the BMWs you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today.