How To Know Your Money Is Going to Be Safe When You Buy Your Car Import.

How To Know Your Money Is Going to Be Safe When You Buy Your Car Import.
The single biggest worry about car importing is sending money abroad. How can you trust the car importer to keep their side of the deal? Simple, your car importer should be making it easy for you to trace your money and to feel confident in your transaction. We know how nerve wracking it is making a big purchase online. So at MHH International, we have local bank accounts for our clients in Kenya which will accept US Dollars or Kenyan Shilling. In New Zealand, you can make local payments in NZD. In the UK we have a UK customer account specifically dedicated to the customer transactions. Simple easy transactions to local banks offer you security and peace of mind.

Payments Checklist:

  • Your money should be going to the named company account not a personal account.
  • If you are buying VAT free, make sure the company has a published UK VAT number.
  • A UK company should be on companies house This is a simple background check which will tell you a lot about them.
  • Make sure your paper trail is complete from the company. Receipts, invoice etc.
  • When do you have title to the car? It should be legally yours as soon as you have paid and the car has been collected.


In short, your car importer should be making payment as simple as possible to give you the confidence and reassurance you need. Then you can look forward to collecting it when it arrives, with complete peace of mind.  


Alistair Benn


CEO, MHH International Ltd.


P.S. We automatically transfer title of the car to the client. So we have no legal claim over the car. This is hugely reassuring to clients to know the car is theirs as soon as the money has transferred.


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