How to Get Bank Finance for a Car Import

How to Get Bank Finance for a Car Import
Buying an imported car used to mean having the cash to pay for it. So we approached the Kenyan banks to set up finance partnerships which would allow our clients to apply for finance for the cars they buy with us. Our partner banks: NCBA Bank and I&M Bank Kenya, will offer up to 80% finance to help you spread the payments of your car with no additional security required.

How Do You Go About Arranging Finance for Your Car Import

✔  Talk to our team about the car you want and get a quote.

✔  Take your quote with your key documents to your preferred bank and apply for finance.

✔  For details of the documents you need to take with you.

✔  When you have your approval letter, let us know and we will help you find your perfect car.

✔ Your deposit will secure your car in the UK, Australia or Japan. We will then export your car to you.

✔  Collect your car from our team in Nairobi.



Why The Smart Import With Asset Finance

✔  Buy your dream car today with just a 20% deposit and no additional security.

✔  Lets your money work harder and keeps your financial options flexible.

✔  Ultimate Convenience: Our expert team takes care of every detail so you don’t have to.

✔  Exceptional quality cars only.

✔  3 month warranty to give you peace of mind.

✔  Buy with confidence. Our one clear price policy includes all costs to Nairobi.

✔  Personal service: Receive your car personally from our team in Nairobi.


Manageable Repayments Make Life Easy

You could repay your loan for as little as 53,655 kes per month.

Asset Finance Repayment Examples



Buy the car you have been dreaming of with asset finance for car imports and contact our team today.


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