Financing For Imported Cars Opens Up The Global Market To Kenyans.

Rowan Benn
By Rowan Benn
2013 Range Rover Sport HSE

Importing a car is no longer the preserve of the super-rich. The more innovative Kenyan banks such as NIC Bank have recently launched import finance in Kenya with their supply partners MHH International. They have recognised that consumers want to benefit from the highly competitive prices that quality cars are sold for overseas. Previously imports needed cash payments to be made in full before the car had left its country of origin. Kenyan consumers can now buy their cars overseas and spread the cost of their import just as you would when using asset finance for a local purchase.


Imagine you have found a car on the internet that is exactly what you have been looking for. What do you do next? It’s simple. Call MHH International and they run checks on the car to make sure it is everything you hope it will be. Alternatively they’ll track down your ideal car for you; just let them know what you would like to buy. Once your car is checked out, they give you their quote. This includes all your costs for your car to be purchased, insured, shipped, registered and delivered to Nairobi. No extras, no surprises. You visit NIC to arrange your loan just as you would for a local asset finance loan. No additional security is required even though this is an import car. Once it’s approved, MHH International purchases your car with just a 20% deposit and imports it on your behalf. Repayments begin when you receive your car, so there’s a financial grace period of a few weeks while your car is on the water. It’s really that simple.


Import finance opens up the market place significantly for Kenyan consumers, offering a wider choice of vehicles at highly competitive prices. What could that potentially mean for you in terms of monthly repayment plans? We have created a virtual showroom, to illustrate some of the best purchases available overseas at the moment. It is worth noting that if you can pay in US Dollars (US $) you will make considerable additional savings. Exchange rates allowing, you could end up saving upwards of US $2,000 per year if you can repay in US $. This reaches up to an annual US $6,000 saving on the larger cars. A cheaper dollar could see greater savings still.*

2013 Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE

The hugely popular Range Rover Sport earns its reputation from its stunning lines, luxurious interior and highly capable off road features. The 3.0L V6 is the most popular engine and the HSE is the full specification which is only beaten by the prestigious Autobiography. The new model was released in 2013, keeping the key design features whilst adding a fresh new twist.

Purchase Price (includes all costs to Nairobi) 12.8 M Ksh

20% Deposit 2.56 M Ksh

Monthly Repayment (Ksh): 396,411

Monthly Repayment (US Dollars): $ 3,559

Projected USD saving* $ 6,000 p.a.

Terms: 36 month loan with NIC Bank Kenya

2013 Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE
2013 Volkswagen Touareg TDI V6 SE

2013 Volkswagen Touareg MK2 3.9 TDI V6 SE

Facelifted in 2011, the VW Touareg is a more capable 4×4 than people give it credit for. With the recent awarding of the VW franchise contract to DT Dobie, the old stigma; of servicing issues are now a thing of the past. The main models are the SE and for the more sporty, the R Line. These are available from the UK as a 3.0 litre V6 diesel in two power outputs.

Purchase Price (includes all costs to Nairobi) 6.1 M Ksh

20% Deposit 1.2 M Ksh Monthly Repayment (Ksh): 181,358

Monthly Repayment (US Dollars): $ 1577

Projected USD saving* $ 2,000 p.a.

Terms: 36 month loan with NIC Bank Kenya

2009 Mercedes Benz S Class 350 CDI BlueEfficiency

The most prestigious saloon of them all, the Mercedes Benz S-Class offers the perfect combination of luxury and practicality. Very few cars can morph from the everyday run around to the preferred limousine for heads of state. The 350 is the successor to the 320 with more modern technology improving efficiency and performance.

Purchase Price (includes all costs to Nairobi) 5.1 M Ksh 20% Deposit 1.02 M Ksh

Monthly Repayment (Ksh): 157,945

Monthly Repayment (US Dollars): $ 1,418

Projected USD saving* $ 1,800 p.a.

Terms: 36 month loan with NIC Bank Kenya

2009 Mercedes Benz S Class 350
2010 Mercedes Benz E250 CGI Blue-efficiency

2010 Mercedes Benz E250 CGI Blue-efficiency

2010 marked the beginning of the facelifted new model for the E-Class before the 2016 one was launched. These are usually sourced from Japan because they tend to be available with exceptionally low mileage. The E-Class is extremely popular for family life and executive use. You can choose between the SE, the Avantgarde and AMG Sport. The latter two have the lower suspension which gives it a sportier look, but beware the compromise you make, as Kenyan roads aren’t the best for low cars.

Purchase Price (includes all costs to Nairobi) 4.2 M Ksh

20% Deposit 0.84 M Ksh

Monthly Repayment (Ksh): 130,027

Monthly Repayment (US Dollars): $ 1,167

Projected USD saving* $ 1,680 p.a.

Terms: 36 month loan with NIC Bank Kenya

2010 Toyota Prado TX 2.7L

The Toyota Prado TX is the entry level Prado from Japan. This new shape is petrol-powered and comes at a very affordable price in comparison to the diesel. As the entry level model, this really is a stripped back version of its bigger brothers. Expect cloth seats, automatic gear box, electric windows, alloy rims and climate control.

Purchase Price (includes all costs to Nairobi) 4.3 M Ksh

20% Deposit 0.86 M Ksh Monthly Repayment (Ksh): 133,169

Monthly Repayment (US Dollars): $ 1,169

Projected USD saving* $ 2,172 p.a.

Terms: 36 month loan with NIC Bank Kenya

2010 Toyota Prado TX 2.7L
2015 Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE Lux

2015 Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE Lux

The HSE Lux is a higher specification than local models. Highlights include 20 inch diamond cut Landmark alloys, luxury leather interior and rear entertainment. The 3 year international warranty is valid in Kenya and you should have at least 18 months warranty available depending on your specific car. As a 7 seater, the Discovery is ideal for larger familys.

Purchase Price (includes all costs to Nairobi) 11.3 M Ksh

20% Deposit 2.26 M Ksh

Monthly Repayment (Ksh): 349,957

Monthly Repayment (US Dollars): $ 3,142

Projected USD saving* $ 5,712 p.a.

Terms: 36 month loan with NIC Bank Kenya

This is just a small taste of what’s out there. With a worldwide market place just a click away, it’s definitely worth finding out what import options could fit your budget before you buy your next car. Spreading the costs could bring a little more luxury into your life and who wouldn’t like that? If you look after it well, your higher value asset should repay you with a higher resale value later on.

* Based on current exchange rates and pricing at the time of going to press.


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