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Nexcell oil system
Oil as we all know, sometimes to our cost, is the lifeblood of the internal combustion engine. Neglect this liquid black gold at your peril and rue the day of your first engine seizure. It is however expensive: it is pumped from the ground globally, refined and sold to us at a profit. When it is used we throw it away, sometimes irresponsibly. All that could change if Nexcel have their way.

As mentioned here last week the incredible new Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro thrilled the audience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed recently at speed on the hill climb. The point is, it was using re-refined oil and the Nexcel active oil management system.

Now, there is nothing especially new about re-refined oil but it doesn’t have a good reputation. It is possible to purchase recycled oil but we don’t have any interest in buying it. Traditionally we are conditioned into believing that nothing will ever be as good as it was when it was brand new. Nexcel plan to change that view apparently.

This new track-only (sadly) Aston Martin made history at Goodwood when it became the first vehicle to tackle the legendary hill climb using re-refined engine oil. This feat has been made possible by a new active oil management system from the engineering company.


Nexcell become technical partner to Aston Martin

Aston Martin say they have been so impressed with the technology that they have confirmed Nexcel as a technical partner for the future of Aston Martin models. The legendary car maker believe this advance is not just as a new and important feature of their high-performance engines, but also as a smart and convenient service solution for the future; one which can, they say, practically eliminate the problem of used engine oil as a hazardous waste product from the service network.

Globally, as much as one third of used engine oil is unaccounted for and only a very small proportion of used oil is currently recovered and reused as lubricant. The performance of AM’s Vantage AMR Pro demonstrates the opportunity provided by efficient capturing of used oil, and that re-refined oils can meet the extreme lubricant performance and durability requirements of modern internal combustion engines.

Imagine it: the 90-second oil and filter change! No more mess. Despite all their sparkly gadgets the modern fossil-fuel driven car still requires the same attention as vehicles from fifty years ago. No doubt eventually our cars will be fuel by alternate methods but for now oil holds the Iron Throne. Technology will always have its detractors but this new oil management system looks like a future winner until the next power source comes along and meanwhile helps to make the most of the planet’s dwindling resources.

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