Don't Miss The Boat to Import Your 2012 Car to Kenya

Don't Miss The Boat to Import Your 2012 Car to Kenya
The end of year brings with it the deadline for 2012 cars being allowed into Kenya at the best duties rates. If you are planning on buying your car with asset finance, we estimate you have just 2 weeks to buy your car. For cash buyers, you have approximately 5 weeks to buy your car.

The experienced car importer will know that this causes a rush of cars being imported into Mombasa in time to meet the end of year deadline and this surge of cars literally causes traffic jams at the ports. Like aeroplanes being overbooked, the shipping containers also can become over booked. Stay one step ahead of the rush and start your import now.

Whether you are buying your car from the UK or Japan it is advisable to allow 7-10 days from buying your car to expecting it to be departing on a boat. The shipping journeys are almost the same length of time from the UK or Japan. So be smart and start talking to us about finding your car now.


Car Import Timings from the UK and Japan to Kenya

Import your car stress free and relax knowing you are buying the best possible value and that your car is comfortably booked to reach Mombasa well within the end of December. 

View our UK stock, our Japanese Cars or tell the team about the car you would like to import and they will help you to source it and import it. 

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