Which Is The Best Audi SUV?

Audi Q8 SUV, MHH International
Unlike, say, baseball caps, it is rare to find something that fits all of the people all of the time. Although, as we have found here at MHH International, the Audi Q7 is without doubt one of the best Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) of all time, there is no doubt that it’s sheer size does not suit all users. That’s why manufacturers have developed a range of SUV style vehicles that are designed to fit in with peoples’ lifestyles and automotive requirements.

German manufacturer Audi are no different and the brand has taken the Q7 as a design base and produced a range of cars for the crossover/SUV sector that between them have something for everyone with base trim levels augmented by sporty S-Line variants. What they all have in common is the prestige tag that Audi engineering brings, in a collection of vehicles that all maintain a family resemblance. The interiors are super-stylish and the latest models offer the company’s brilliant ‘Virtual Cockpit’; the best dashboard array in the business. All models offer the latest technology and, in some cases, also have the added bonus of four-wheel drive, delivering off-road capability. That’s why they are so popular today:


Audi Q2 SUV, MHH International

Audi Q2


They say good things come in small packages and that is entirely true of this diminutive but very smart crossover with a classy interior. There’s nothing especially new about small SUV’s but the Audi Q2 was the first to carry the four-ring emblem. It comes with an excellent mix of both petrol and diesel engines offering power outputs between 113bhp and 187bhp. Two-wheel drive at base, the more powerful models also offer a four-wheel drive option; rare in this class. For a small family or for an urban environment this crossover drives beautifully and really looks the part.


Audi Q3, MHH International

Audi Q3


Life is a balancing act, especially where families are concerned and one car that can cope with the life mix is the Audi Q3. With a spacious interior, this medium-sized SUV offers enough road presence to inspire confidence and yet still perform as an urban runaround. Advanced connectivity is the norm with all Audi vehicles and the Q3 is no exception with the full complement of cutting-edge assistance systems within the muscular design, backed up by effortless performance from the usual Audi power-plants.


Audi Q5, MHH International

Audi Q5


Inspired by the original Q7, this model, with a modicum of rough-track ability, offers the expected interior quality, the same quietness and the same excellent ergonomics. In short, the Q5 caters for all needs. To further enhance this vehicle it is now offered in hybrid form. New to market now, the Q5 TFSI-e hybrid is the trailblazer for a new range of plug-in models from Audi. This brand new version offers the economic and environmental benefits of electrified driving with the demand-led efficiency of quattro for the first time. A range of over twenty-six miles and a top speed of 84mph in electric-only mode enable the new hybrid Q5 to cover most everyday driving distances without backup from the petrol engine.


Audi Q7, MHH International

Audi Q7


The car that started it all and that continues to be a market leader in its latest guise. MHH International drove the mighty SQ7 variant last year and you can read all about that on our blog page. It's a popular choice in the big SUV sector, and a car that ticks a great deal of those important boxes when it comes to equipment, technology, quality, comfort and outstanding off-road ability.


The Future


Audi have not finished yet though. The Q8, recently launched, is the pinnacle of the brand. Designed as the flagship model in the Audi SUV range, the Q8 employs coupé-like styling and a more sporty image to the Q7 on which it is based. Also, coming in 2020 is the tiny but perfectly formed Audi Q1, believed to be based on the smart little A1 hatchback, it will form the starting point for the expanding Audi Q car range. Right now prices start at around £24,000 (UK) for the Q2.

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