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New Land Rover Discovery 5
The all new Land Rover Discovery 5 has finally arrived! Controversial though it maybe the much anticipated Discovery mark 5 unveils softer lines, lighter frame, indulgent interior and legendary off road capability. It's set to be a a firm import favourite.
Get to grips with the new Audi S4. We are now taking orders for the fastest of the A4 range, ready for registration and shipping in January 2017.
Online car buying tips
Choosing to buy a car online is becoming increasingly popular. Take advice from the experts in export and get wise on what to look out for and what to ask before you buy your car.
Get the inside track on how technological developments will improve the cars of 2020.
MHH International looks at a selection of the best gadgets you can buy for your car
The driving experience is being drastically changed by improvements in technology. Almost every month we read about the latest model launch with world exclusive gadgets and safety technology. But there is no need to save up for a new car to benefit from the inventors’ creations. The internet of things allows us to buy the more affordable in car accessories as add-ons to our current car. It’s simply a case of keeping ahead of what’s out there. So we’ve brought to you some of the coolest and most practical gadgets which will improve your life for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
Range Rover production, MHH International looks into how leaving the European Union might change the future of car exporting
Before the Brexit vote, over 75% of the automotive industry in the UK voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe. But since 52% of the UK’s population has voted to exit the E.U. there has been significant speculation about the resulting political upheaval and economic uncertainty of the UK economy. Are we about to witness the decline of the UK car industry or will it ultimately be business as usual for the major manufacturers?
Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) has partnered with MHH International to offer customers a convenient way to import vehicles from Japan and UK. CBA clients will enjoy up to 80 per cent asset financing alongside access to services from reliable partners.
Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), has partnered with MHH International, to offer customers an easy and convenient way to import luxury vehicles from both Japan and UK. Through this partnership CBA clients can receive up to 80 percent asset financing, while also accessing services of a reliable partner who will transform the buying experience for imported cars into a pleasurable, effortless experience.
Import you car safely from the UK, MHH International shows you how
The UK is a highly regulated motoring industry and with a bit of careful research you can sidestep the pitfalls and drive away in your dream car. Whether you are planning on importing your car yourself or importing from a professional importer, these are the facts you need to know about, to make sure you import your car safely.
Importing a car is no longer the preserve of the super-rich. The more innovative Kenyan banks such as NIC Bank have recently launched import finance in Kenya with their supply partners MHH International. They have recognised that consumers want to benefit from the highly competitive prices that quality cars are sold for overseas. Previously imports needed cash payments to be made in full before the car had left its country of origin. Kenyan consumers can now buy their cars overseas and spread the cost of their import just as you would when using asset finance for a local purchase.
We have been searching for some time for the best Sales Manager to join the team and we are delighted to introduce Clara Wambugu to you.
MHH International looks at how Import Finance is creating smarter investment opportunities
Entrepreneurial business owners have discovered a new finance product which has enabled them to make more cost effective capital investments. The benefit to their cash flow is having a deep ripple effect through their businesses. We talked to two businesses that represent a number of innovative managers who have cottoned on to the growing trend in specialist import finance. Tesia Supermarkets and Durogoods share their stories and reveal how they have found significant buying efficiencies by purchasing assets abroad with the support of NIC Bank finance.
Car safety is rapidly advancing, whilst ironically Kenyan road fatalities are increasing. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is an important innovation which leading safety experts report to be the most important advancement in the sector in recent years according to Whatcar?.
 MHH International looks at how the Import market has been made even more attractive as pound softens,
The British Pound has seen considerable falls in value against the major currencies this week.
WARNING: Reading this article could save you at least £1,700 off a UK import.
Most days at least one of our customers will ask what the advantages are for buying a used car from the UK versus buying from Japan. This is what we tell them:
Focusing on the short term impact of the new car import duties misses some key long term benefits. By harnessing the spending power of the most wealthy we can improve the air we breathe, reduce serious accident injuries and in the long term the cars in the country’s car pool. Global car importing is becoming more accessible and this should be celebrated, not halted.
Whilst the internet has made viewing cars easier, the explosion of car websites can make the experience overwhelming. With so many options and multitudes of suppliers, knowing where to begin is a tough. So we have created the MHH International stock list to give you the inside track on the best cars we find everyday in the UK. And the great news is most of them are 20% off the UK cost price.
Some nice words from our valued customer Paul Ochieng, for whom we sourced a BMW X5.
This Uber luxurious special edition Defender is known as a Flying Huntsman. It is the only one available in the UK today. Because the Land Rover Defender is no longer in production in the UK, they are becoming highly sought after and fast becoming collector’s item. Project Khan have elevated a lucky few to legendary status giving the exterior styling an edgier Mad Max ruggedness and the interior an uber luxurious feel. They have named it the Flying Hunstman.
It’s time to put the wheels in motion to import your 2008 car into Kenya.
Having a Defender that stands out from the crowd is a dream that many have had, but few get to really see through. We were really excited to complete this conversion for one of our discerning clients. So impressive is the transformation, we thought you would be interested in getting the inside track on the conversion.
Meet our hottest face lift. This 2008 Land Rover Discovery 3 looks just like the latest 2014 Discovery 4 HSE. And you make a stunning saving too. The import price is only Ksh 5.5 Million (inclusive of all costs to Nairobi.) A stunning saving compared to importing the real thing.
We have been very excited by the response to buying facelifts for older cars. Take a look at how to get the look of a 2014 Discovery 4 HSE for a big saving.
We are very proud to be the supplier of the First Class Cars Concierge fleet. They are a truly stunning selection of cars.
We were delighted to be one of the official sponsors of the Stand Up for African Mothers Walk this Saturday.
Tropicalising UK imported cars is no longer necessary now that new cleaner diesel is available.
A printable list to help you check all aspects of the car that you are test driving.
Hints and tips from our professional buying team to help you navigate the potential pitfalls of buying a car.
Bringing you the most exciting technology developments likely to reach our cars in the future.
Importing a good car has continued to get more and more complex with dealers playing all manner of tricks to cash in on the demands.
We're always very pleased to know our customers are happy with their cars. Here are a few testimonials from our valued customers.


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