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Big SUVs, MHH International
Here at MHH International we are fully aware of the continuing popularity of the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which shows no sign of abating. They are popular both with families on the school run and with outdoors types who like to venture out into the wild blue yonder. Not all SUV’s are the same though; some are two-wheel drive only and can be categorised as soft-roaders rather than off-roaders. If the intention is to drive on rougher terrain or on challenging road conditions then that is when four-wheel drive comes into its own. Buyers can always opt for hard-core pickup trucks and the like but most will prefer the perhaps more comfortable and luxurious ride found in prestige cars today.
How payments work, MHH International
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is naturally about how payments work when buying a car import. This article explains the different ways you can pay us for your car import to Kenya so you will fully understand the payment options from immediate payments, split payments, asset finance and letter of credit.
VW Touareg, MHH International
The Volkswagen Touareg is a quick, comfortable and refined luxury SUV that comes loaded with clever technology and has now been augmented with a touch more luxury thanks to the new range-topping trim level: R-Line. The SUV is now available in the UK with four trim levels: SE; Escape; R-Line; and R-Line Plus. All feature Volkswagen’s 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system, which distributes engine power as required to all four wheels helping to ensure optimum traction and propulsion.
Land Cruiser Prados, MHH International
People enquire about importing Toyota Landcruisers on a daily basis because it is one of the most popular cars that people want to drive in Kenya. It’s both practical from a size point of view, available in 5 seats and 7 seats, and it has great off roading capabilities. Being a Toyota the perception is that they are built to last and the parts are readily available when compared to other European brands. This article compares the differences between the Toyota Prado models available across the world to help you to understand the best country to import yours from.
VAT reclaim, MHH International
People buying cars from the UK who wish to export them beyond the EU need to know how this reclaim process actually works. Not all UK dealers are set up to do this and some will ask you to cover the VAT until it has been returned from the UK Tax office. But you can buy your car without having to pay for the VAT at all. This article will help you to understand the options available to you and the best way for you to buy your car tax free from the UK stress free.
Buy Japanese used car guide
In Africa you have the choice of buying Japanese used cars locally or directly from Japan, but which is best and how does it work? Cars are exported speculatively from Japan to many countries. This works for some buyers, but others would prefer to buy directly from Japan. This article will help you to fully understand how the Japanese car market works, how to get the best prices and information so you can know how to buy your car safely and successfully.
BMW M8 Competition and BMW M8 Competition Convertible,MHH International
BMW is taking its first steps into the world of luxury motoring with two new high-performance sports cars, the BMW M8 Competition Coupé and M8 Competition Convertible. These very exciting cars are strictly for those buyers with deep pockets as prices start from around £123,000 (UK). For this enthusiasts can expect real luxury motoring combined with huge performance potential, as is intimated by the images.
People often ask us what is the difference between buying from Japan, UK or Australia. The truth is, there are many differences such as car availability, specific engine sizes and price points which vary between them. We shall explain the differences between each market to give you a good understanding of where will be best for you to buy your car import from.
Import or buy a Kenya car locally? MHH International
One of the biggest questions everyone is faced with when buying a car is; ‘is it going to be cheaper to buy an import car or a local car?’ This article will give you the balanced information you need to make that decision. There are benefits to both routes but these are different depending on the type of car and the budget you plan to spend.
How Much Does it Cost to Import a UK Car to Kenya?
One of the first steps to consider when importing a car from the UK to Kenya is clearly understanding the costs involved. This article will tell you about all of the costs which are necessary, how much you will pay for each element and some additional services which you may like to use. This will help you clearly understand the final cost of importing your dream car so you can plan your finances before you fall in love with that perfect car.
How Long Does It Take to Import a Car from Japan to Nairobi, Kenya, MHH International
It’s not surprising that the most frequently asked question we hear is ‘how long does it take to import a car to Kenya and how does it work?’ This article explains the simple steps involved in importing a car from Japan to Nairobi and the typical timings involved so you will have a good understanding of when you can realistically expect to be driving your car home.
How Long Does It Take to Import a Car to New Zealand from the UK
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘how long does it take to import a car and how does it work?’ This article explains the steps involved in the process and the typical timings involved so you will have a good understanding of when you can realistically expect to be driving your car home
Subaru Levorg Review, MHH International
Just as with the outgoing version, the newly revised Subaru Levorg offers big estate car practicality with permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive confidence. Refreshed for 2019 and available from July from around £31,000 (UK), the Levorg comes equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated petrol engine, refined exterior styling with a choice of six colours and a selection of interior upgrades plus new safety technology
How to Get Bank Finance for a Car Import, MHH International
Buying a car import used to mean having the cash to pay for it. So we approached the Kenyan banks to set up finance partnerships which would allow our clients to apply for finance for the cars they buy with us. Now NIC Bank, CBA and I&M Bank will offer up to 80% finance to help you spread the payments of your car. No additional security required
How long does it take to ship a car to Kenya from the UK?
The time it takes to import a car can vary widely between the different people you speak to. It can be so unhelpful when people make promises that aren’t realistic. At MHH International we believe in being clear from the outset so you can plan your life around that. So here it is, in a simple understandable format.
Digital Key, MHH International
One aspect of the automotive world that concerns us here at MHH International as much as it concerns every other car owner is the matter of vehicle theft. It seems as if no sooner than car manufacturers develop some form of additional security, so the criminal fraternity get one jump ahead of them. Just recently, though car brands have been working on further ways to secure our cars and make ownership more of a personal identity in the sense of our automotive lifestyle. They are developing the digital smartphone car key.
Tax Free Savings on UK Car Imports - MHH International
To be sure you are saving every dollar you can when importing a car, you need to know about UK VAT reclaim for exports. The biggest single saving you can make is buying a car VAT free from the UK. You can get a 20% saving off the advertised price of a car if it is a ‘gross vat qualifying’ car. This means it has been owned by a business and not privately in its life. But not all vat qualifying cars are advertised as such and many dealers are not prepared to reclaim the VAT for you.
Get the Best Deals on Car Imports, MHH International
When choosing your next car, buying the best car for your money is the top priority. But buying your next car is a leap of faith. How can you be certain the car is genuine and hasn’t been clocked?
Find the Best Deal for Car Imports, MHH International
Getting the best deal for your money can feel like an overwhelming task when buying an import car. When importing your car, you have the world at your feet, but the work is very involved. We have some essentials checks that will help you to know you are getting the best deal for your car.
Should You Import Your Next Car, MHH International
Everyone has heard stories about bad experiences with car imports. If you’re not convinced that buying locally is getting you the best car your money can buy, then you should allow a reputable importer help you to import your next car for you.
Audi E Tron, MHH International
Whether we like it or not electricity will be the primary source of automotive power and performance over the next decade, unless someone comes up with a miracle form of energy to replace the oil-based fossil fuels of today. All manufacturers seem to working towards this aim and Audi is no exception.
Car Importing at its Best, MHH International
We make importing your next luxury car easy.
Don't miss the boat, MHH International
The government is planning on reducing the age of cars being imported to Kenya to 5 year old cars or younger.
Car Import costs, MHH International
Quotes from car importers vary significantly from each other which can be very confusing and even misleading. Some seem very low, but aren’t including anything other than the cost of your car. Knowing the costs of importing a car makes the experience much easier to understand. This check list shows you the seven key fixed and optional costs you need to know about so you can confidently compare the quotes you are given and know the questions to ask to see you final costs from each importer.
Don't miss the boat, MHH International
The window to import a car older than 5 years is closing very fast. The deadline for 2012 – 2014 cars to be imported has been set as 1st July 2019. After then car imports must be 5 years or younger. So, if you have been planning on importing a 6 / 7 year old car, you have just this week to buy it from the UK or Japan to be sure the boat will reach Mombasa ahead of the deadline.
Peugeot 508, MHH International
With the rise of the ubiquitous SUV the motoring world has witnessed the slow decline in popularity of the large family hatchback and saloon. Whether with a traditional boot or a rising hatch this sector of cars, once so familiar on our roads, are something of a rare breed now and in many ways that is a shame. Therefore it is good to see that the French manufacturer Peugeot has not yet given up on this type of model and have introduced the 508 Fastback, seen here in range-topping GT guise. MHH are pleased to say we have driven this car at some length and found it to be a truly excellent vehicle.
Shipping Deadlines, MHH International
The window to import a car older than 5 years is closing very fast. The deadline for 2012 – 2014 cars to be imported has been set as 1st July 2019. After then car imports must be 5 years or younger. So, if you have been planning on importing a 6 / 7 year old car, you have two weeks to buy it from the UK or Japan to be sure the boat will reach Mombasa ahead of the deadline.
Buying a genuine car, MHH International
Most people are put off importing a car because of the worry about being mis-sold your car. But if you could feel 100% confident that your imported car was definitely going to be a genuine showroom quality car, wouldn’t that make importing so much easier? At MHH International we have heard all the stories, and know that trust is critical to confident, stress free car importing.
Mercedes-AMG GLE 53, MHH International
The SUV bandwagon rolls on, seemingly unstoppable. Mercedes-Benz have now taken the sector another stage further with, it has be said, the rather exciting performance-based Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+, packed with even more power and precision, yet with just 212g/km of emissions.
New electric car technology
No sooner does one automotive advance take place when another one follows on right behind, like buses. The latest breakthrough is for electric cars. A company called GKN Automotive has, hot off the press, introduced yet another world first; an EV with a two-speed transmission and torque vectoring on the front axle.
I&M targets wealthy clients with high-end car partnership
Source: Business Daily - 18/03/19