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I&M targets wealthy clients with high-end car partnership
Source: Business Daily - 18/03/19
I&M Bank to finance vehicles imported from UK, Australia and Japan
Source: Capital FM Kenya - Twitter 18/03/19
I&M Bank to finance vehicles imported from UK, Australia and Japan
Source: @EnterpriseKenya Twitter 20/03/19
I&M Bank to finance vehicles imported from UK, Australia and Japan
Source: @Mundirahmed Twitter 20/03/19
I&M Bank to finance vehicles imported from UK, Australia and Japan
Source: @CentfitLTD (Twitter feed linking to 18/03/19
I & M Bank to finance vehicles imported from UK, Australia and Japan
Source: - 18/03/19
Jaguar I-Pace, MHH International
The science of electric cars has moved forward substantially in the last couple of years and, up to a point, range anxiety is not quite what it was. It seems like new battery technology is coming on fast to deliver more miles per charge. Sadly the world’s EV public charging infrastructure has not followed suit and it remains an issue unless the car can be charged at home or at work.
Lamborghini Urus, MHH International
The jury remains constantly out on the name of this car which fails to capture any Italian magic or flair but, after all, it is just a name. The Lamborghini Urus, considered to be the first Super Sport Utility Vehicle (SSUV), although don’t let Bentley hear you say it, creates yet another new niche in the luxury segment. To be fair, it is astonishingly good for such a large vehicle, offering power, performance and excellent driving dynamics on and off road.
Toyota GR Supra, MHH International
Once in a while a car comes along that leaves lasting lingering memories in the minds of car enthusiasts. Supra is one such name and now it’s back. The all-new Toyota GR Supra, the fifth generation of the Japanese brand’s legendary sports car, is the first global model to be produced by Toyota Gazoo Racing. With much fanfare the car made its debut last month to instant acclaim.
Aston Martin Vanquish S
Not a new model to the forecourts, the Aston Martin Vanquish has been consistently a top seller for the brand and it is easy to see why. The British manufacturer turned up the dial to a maximum ten when it created the recent Vanquish S. It truly is the ultimate GT car.
New Range Rover Evoque
The Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover could be said to be the first SUV of its type to drag the mud-plugger of old into the modern world of mainstream motoring. It is one of the brand’s best sellers and deservedly so, but times move on and the new Range Rover Evoque has now made a first public appearance.
MHH International, Skoda Kodiak
Over just a few short decades the Skoda name has been transformed from a butt of jokes to a tried and trusted brand, backed up by the might of Volkswagen. With a length of nearly five metres, five or seven seats and the largest boot within its class, the tried and tested Skoda Kodiaq is the Czech brand’s largest SUV and it has proved to be a great all-rounder, built for every terrain.
Traffic light technology, MHH International
2019 will see some interesting new cars coming to market, not least the Skoda Kodiaq, which has now been revealed in GT form, making it arguably the biggest performance SUV. Right now though the merits of autonomous car technology are still under discussion and Ford have announced their latest breakthrough, further heralding the arrival of the true driverless car.
New BMW 3 Series, MHH International
For over forty years the BMW 3 Series Saloon has always had an unparalleled reputation for both quality and supreme handling in the premium mid-size segment. The statement design of ‘long bonnet, short back’ makes the car look fast standing still. Nevertheless, BMW has decided it is time for a change and have introduced the seventh iteration of this great car. With, say the Company, exceptional efficiency and innovative features, time will tell if the revised shape will appeal to buyers in the same way as the current model. Available from March 2019, prices will start at around £33,000 in the UK.
Improve your corporate image article, MHH International
Have you ever missed a meeting because the other person’s car has broken down? Or worse, were you that person? You have been setting the meeting up for some time and the preparation had taken a few people in the team to pull together. No matter how gracious the jilted party is about the situation, do they really mean that it is ok? Whilst you feel sorry for the person there’s always a tinge of frustration which rubs off on the relationship. A person’s ability to care for their car shouldn’t reflect on their ability to do their job.
Porsche 911 Speedster, MHH International
In a motoring world dominated by the ubiquitous SUV it is good to know that some manufacturers still understand the meaning of heritage and feel the burning desire car-mad fans have for true sports cars.
Aston Martin DBX Concept, MHH International
Every year, like the changing of the seasons, new automotive technology appears on the latest cars. Starting out on the prestige vehicles, over time it filters down to the mainstream. Sometimes it seems superfluous but mostly, especially when it comes to safety, drivers welcome it. Features like navigation systems, stability control and even adaptive cruise control are now standard fare on even budget models so if you hunger for the very latest technology then it will not be a long wait.
Alfa Romeo Stelvio, MHH International
It looks like Alfa Romeo have finally eliminated the gremlins that cursed their earlier cars. This writer spent a very happy week in the featured car and all was well, returning over 38 miles for an expensive gallon, although the company reckon you could get 58mpg. That presumes that you drive like a parsimonious priest. This frugality was courtesy of our decision to opt not for the desirable and fast Quadrifoglio version but rather a more family orientated version with a 2.0L diesel engine.
Audi Q3RS, MHH International
If Audi see the tiniest gap in the car market they clearly feel compelled to fill it. Buyers of the more enthusiastic style of small hot hatch are already catered for by the German brand's brilliant RS3. Thus it seems to me that to make, effectively, a taller version of the same thing seems wilfully pointless. So why do we at MHH International love the Audi RSQ3 Performance so?
The Ford Mustang V8 GT
Since around 1964 America kept the pony car to itself, refusing point blank to put the steering wheel on the correct side of the motor and ship it over the pond to the UK. Then, with a startling and unexpected turn of events in 2015, Ford began taking orders for a proper British version. Over fifty years of hurt and at last it was here.
Porsche GT3 RS, MHH International
Happiness can take many forms. It may be a first love, or the thrill of a winter storm or a sunny beach at dawn. It may also be something that thrusts you into another dimension of time and space.
DS 7
DS is a famous motoring logo resurrected by the French brand Citroen to sell an up-market sub-brand. It worked and such is the appeal that a while back DS, like a coming-of-age child, broke ties with the parent and set out to conquer the automotive world on it’s own. There’s no doubt that with the smaller DS3 hatchback the company has succeeded, so much so that the model range has been increased and is now topped by the big, sophisticated DS7 Crossback SUV featured here.
New BMW X5, MHH International
A new BMW is always an event and the opportunity arose to check out the fourth generation BMW X5 at an introductory event in the English countryside. Car makers like to group cars into sectors like, MPV, SUV and the like. This new car is apparently an SAV; Sports Activity Vehicle
Jeep Wrangler, MHH International
Now that Summer is finally here in the UK, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get out and about where the wild things are; and when going exploring there is no better choice of vehicle than the Jeep Wrangler.
Audi A3 Cabriolet, MHH International
We must be approaching Summer, hence the flurry of cabriolets being tested here. Does the sun shine where you live and do you like to save money on fuel? This could be the car for you.
Mercedes C63 AMG Cabriolet , MHH International
Located on the site of the legendary Brooklands circuit in Weybridge, Surrey, Mercedes-Benz World offers the chance to try the brand’s products. If those products happen to have the AMG badge on them then it would be rude to say no, wouldn’t it? In this case, a quick spin in the Mercedes AMG C63 Cabriolet was on offer. Not bad for a day out.
Audi SQ7, MHH International
This is the car you need if you want to cross continents in a single bound. Nothing else comes close. A seven-seat vehicle that will carry your entire family and your dog, powered by a V8 twin-turbo engine that returns thirty-two miles per gallon or better; sounds like the ideal vehicle doesn’t it? But what if it’s a diesel? Does it matter? Meet the Audi SQ7. MHH International enjoyed a week in its company and this is what we thought of it.
Kia Stinger, MHH International
It was just over a year ago that we had our first look at this very special car. Finally, the opportunity arrived for MHH International to savour a proper evaluation. Was it worth the wait? You bet!
Audi A6, MHH International
When the opportunity arises to spend some time with a prestige Audi, you don’t say no. The car in question this time is the smooth Audi A6. It is a large and luxurious four door saloon that should appeal to both families and business users alike.
BMW M8 Gran Coupe, MHH International
Here at MHH international we have dusted off the crystal ball for a glimpse into the future of BMW. What we saw through the mists of time is pretty striking and gives an insight into the new wave of cars from the famous German brand. Introducing the future of luxury performance travel: The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupé.
Jeep, MHH International
Spring is here, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, and it is nearly time to don that lumberjack shirt, roll the sleeves up, grab a 4x4 and head for the hills. Jeep have been crowned 4x4 manufacturer of the year for 2018 by one prestigious magazine and from that same publication the Wrangler in its Sahara and Rubicon variants have scooped the off-road award, strengthening its legendary status for off-road ability, superior dynamics innovative safety features. The Jeep Wrangler is available to order in the UK now and starts at around £37,000.