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1995 Caterpillar Dozer Model D6H XL For Sale in Nairobi
For Sale in Nairobi: 1995 Caterpillar Dozer Model D6H XL in good condition, recently serviced by Mantrac and ready to work.
Before you buy your car with an importer there are key facts that will help you check that the car they are recommending is the quality they are promising.
2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.0L
Import a 2019 new shape JL Jeep Wrangler for the same price as Some 2016 models advertised locally!
Mercedes Benz ECQ addition the EQA
MHH looks to the electric future to review the latest introductions in electric cars
KRA used car duty ruled illegal
The High Court in Mombasa declared the current tax computation formula used by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) illegal. This Business Daily article explains the details.
The Mighty Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio
The Stelvio is the first SUV in the Italian car maker's repertoire and it is music to the automotive ear. MHH has the pleasure of driving the Stelvio; find out what we thought.
2013 Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic
We bring you three of the best priced Range Rover Sports available in the UK for import. Don't miss the opportunity to import a top of the range Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic at the incredible price of 8M Kes (duty paid to Nairobi).
Asset Finance Partnership with NCBA
Congratulations to both NIC and CBA on their recently announced partnership: NCBA.
2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Phev Hybrid
The Mitsubishi Outlander is the UKs most popular hybrid SUV because it is so cost effective to buy and run. Get all the space you need and a great price.
Don't Miss The Boat to Import Your 2012 Car to Kenya
The end of year brings with it the deadline for 2012 cars being allowed into Kenya at the best duties rates. If you are planning on buying your car with asset finance, we estimate you have just 2 weeks to buy your car. For cash buyers, you have approximately 5 weeks to buy your car.
Import a 2017 Range Rover Sport SE with just Delivery Miles
Don't miss this rare opportunity to buy this 2017 Range Rover Sport SE with just delivery miles and built to East African spec.
The New Land Rover Defender Review by MHH International
What does the new evolution of the Land Rover Defender have in store?
2013 Toyota Prado GXL 3L Diesel 7 Seats
Save 1M Kes by importing this 2013 Toyota Prado 3L Diesel GXL with 7 seats and just 62K vs the Japanese equivalent.
2013 Range Rover Sport 3.0L Import
Import this very stylish 2013 Range Rover Sport 3.0L which has been fitted with an SVR bodykit to makes heads turn. Excellent condition throughout.
The New Land Rover Defender Orders are Open
Orders now being taken, 110 will be built first with 90’s from next summer. First deliveries will be for Feb/March delivery 2020 for the UK. Import prices start from 9.35M Kes for delivery to Nairobi or £43,500 CIF to your preferred port.
Bentley EXP 100 GT
With the world possibly headed for an autonomous automotive future what about motorists? What happens to the world of driving when the steering wheel is removed?
Land Cruiser Sahara import
Save up to 2M Kes when you import a Late reg Land Cruiser Sahara.
2019 Landcruiser ZX Wald specification import
Own a Landcruiser with attitude! This 2019 Landcruiser is stacked with options, the best being the unique Wald custom exhaust which will really make you stand out from the crowd.
The New BMW 3 Series; MHH International First Look
Get the inside track on the seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series from MHH International.
Import a Custom Ford Ranger Wildtrack from the UK
Get noticed in one of these rare custom Wildtracks! We are delighted to offer a new range of custom Ford Ranger Wildtracks which have distinctive off road style.
Mercedes C Class - the best saloons to import
Which is the best premium saloon to import? We review the top five premium saloons you should consider.
2016 Mercedes E220 import to Kenya
The fifth generation Mercedes E220 was launched in 2016. Buying a new 2019 E220 costs 13M Kes but you can import the new model from the UK for as little as 5.38M Kes when you buy a 2016.
Alistair talks to StartUp Magazine about the success of MHH International
StartUp magazine have featured their interview with Alistair this month which delves into his beliefs behind growing a strong brand and the growth of MHH International and his aspirations for the future.
Import this BMW X5 30d to Kenya
The third generation BMW X5 was launched in Nov 2013 making it the perfect time to import the new generation model to Kenya.
The Land Rover Discovery Review
There is not much that can be said about the Land Rover discovery and its sibling Discovery Sport that hasn’t already been written. The latest models take this now almost legendary name to greater heights with a range of enhancements and technology upgrades. We use the term legendary because since its introduction in 1989 this big SUV has proved its credentials on and off road, where it is virtually unbeatable. Here’s the latest on this great family-sized car:
Import a 2013 Range Rover Sport to Kenya for 7.9 M Kes
This is the Range Rover that everybody wants! You can now get the new aluminium body Range Rover Sport as a good month car and at a lower duty rate. This saves you 1.4M Kes when you buy your Range Rover VAT Free with MHH International.
Import a MY '15 VW Touareg R-Line for 5.465 M Kes
The 2015 is the facelift year for the VW Touareg so you get the most up to date look and a huge amount of spec as standard.
Import Your Car with the Personal Export Scheme
Importing a vat qualifying car usually requires your exporter to export the car within 12 weeks of buying it. The Personal Export Scheme allows you 12 months to export it so you can enjoy your car in the UK and Europe for a few months and still export it and benefit from the VAT free price. We explain how thing could work for you.
2017 Toyota Prado TXL Import
Did you know that importing a new shape 2017 Toyota Prado TX or TXL will save you 5 Million shillings versus buying a new 2019 model. Our new Summer sale prices will import them duty cleared to Nairobi from just 6.3 Million Kes. Contact the team to and we will help you find your 2017 Toyota Prado TX or TXL to import to Nairobi today.
The Evolving Porsche Cayenne I MHH International Review
The Porsche Cayenne is a powerful, luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the German car maker and now in its third generation. Renowned for its power and sports car pedigree, Porsche is now extending the Cayenne family to include an e-hybrid plug-in variant plus an even sportier version; the Cayenne Coupé.
Import a 2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 XS for just 4.3M Kes
You can now import your Discovery 4 XS for 500K Kes less than before. Our new Summer sale prices will import them duty cleared to Nairobi from just 4.3 Million Kes. Contact the team to and we will help you find your Discovery XS to import to Nairobi today.
We are proud to share these two Land Rover Discovery 4 HSEs for sale from the UK. Their new summer sale prices will import them duty cleared to Nairobi from just 4.8 Million Kenyan Shilling.