New And Used Volvo Cars

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Think Volvo and you think safety. The Swedish brand is synonymous with safe and reliable cars. They offer a good range of prestige vehicles in three versions: Saloons (S-range), cross-country estates (V-range) and sport utility vehicles, their very popular range of strong SUV’s designated by the letters ‘XC’ and capable of off-road action.

Volvo Design

The company’s current brand strategy, ‘Designed Around You’, puts the customer front and centre in line with the sweeping changes throughout the car industry. The company has always been in the vanguard of technological advances in driver, passenger and pedestrian safety systems. Recently Volvo has become known for its DRIVe range of low-emission, high fuel economy vehicles. Further to this, their expanded forthcoming range of electric vehicles will have flat floors meaning the car interiors will be roomier and the body designs more futuristic.

Volvo Cars

With premium executive saloons and capacious, long-legged cross-country estates Volvo cars are a regular sight on the highways, but it is the XC series that has really caught on and have proved to popular for buyers wishing to import Volvo cars from the UK. There are three models available:


The XC40 is the smallest of Volvo's threesome of prestige SUVs,

but it is not compromised in any way, sharing as it does many of the technological and safety features of the bigger models. Volvo have adopted across the board the mantra that in future no driver will be killed in their cars. Safety then is very much to the fore, aided in some versions by the brand’s very able ‘Pilot Assist’ adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping system, operating in a semi-autonomous way.

Petrol and hybrid models are available and for 2021 there is a fully-electric version, capable of over 200 miles of range between charges.


With a spacious, stylish and comfortable interior and an excellent safety reputation the XC60 is an ideal family car. There’s a broad range of engines on offer including mild- and plug-in hybrids all driving through a smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Two- and four-wheel drive options are available and all come with leather upholstery and a good selection of standard equipment with options like a panoramic roof available. Plenty of luggage space is on offer via the powered tailgate making the XC60 an excellent family car. It offers a typically high standard of Volvo safety equipment, a modern design and a superb ride. What’s not to like?


The high and mighty XC90 offers superb comfort in its luxurious interior. Big and bold and with the latest automotive technology, there’s space for seven and all their luggage. A recently introduced hybrid version is available but otherwise there’s a choice of 2.0 litre diesel or petrol engines with various power outputs, all with an eight-speed auto transmission.

This is an incredibly accomplished and able vehicle with a high driving position commanding a view of the road ahead. Recommended for anyone who needs a big all-wheel drive SUV for any purpose.

Future Volvo

Volvo are now building a range of electric and hybrid vehicles to drive efficiency and sustainability forward. For this company, they say, electrification is more than simply a shift from fossil fuels. It represents a new future for car design, spearheaded by their ‘Volvo Concept Recharge’ essential the handbook for the next generation of all-electric Volvo vehicles.

By removing the complexity of the internal combustion engine, the designers have been able to evolve the concept car’s proportions to increase interior space while also improving aerodynamic efficiency. The result will be a car that offers genuinely better solutions to support a sustainable family life.

Buying a Volvo Through MHH International

The fabulous XC90 is VAT qualifying for export purposes and all XC models are available to import from the UK to New Zealand, Kenya and other overseas destinati