First Class UK or Japan Vehicle Import

Importing a wide range of exceptional vehicles worldwide

We are experts in sourcing and importing prestige cars and supercars to New Zealand, Africa and Asia. We search both major markets finds your ideal car at the best value globally. This gives you the peace of mind that you are importing an exceptional quality vehicle at the best value possible. Our first class import service takes care of the details. We stay in touch with you throughout the journey, so you can sit back and relax.

UK Vehicles

Used vehicles are sourced through our long established UK networks and ensure they meet our quality assurance requirements whatever their age. To buy new cars and the latest launches, we place factory orders on your behalf and negotiate hard for the most competitive discounts. For the most discerning client we supply Supercars and rare cars via some of the most exclusive global networks.

VAT Free savings

We can save you 20% by buying a vehicle which can be sold VAT free. VAT free applies to any new vehicle bought from the UK or if it has been previously owned by a UK VAT registered business. Our VAT registration in the UK allows us to reclaim the VAT when the car is permanently exported, meaning you pay less than buying directly from the dealer.

Your car always in safe hands

Taking care of your vehicle is our priority. From the moment we collect it, it is comprehensively insured for road risk with Amlin. Our cover protects you for the full value of the car and not just for the weight of the car. At our office, your car is stored in our secure compound with 24 hour patrolled security guards and CCTV. During the shipping journey a high level marine insurance is in place which lasts until your car reaches its destination port. On arrival, country specific insurance requirements then take over.

UK Pre-export inspections

All cars are checked against 6 independent agencies to make sure they are of the quality we demand. Our cars must have the following to make the grade:

  • A clear bill of health from the HPI inspections
  • Pre-purchase check approval
  • A valid UK MOT certificate (UK roadworthiness exam)
  • A valid UK log book or Certificate of Conformity (proof of ownership and heritage)
  • Country specific pre-export inspection approval
  • Full UK service history documentation

Shipping from UK

Our vehicles are usually imported in containers for security of your vehicle and its contents. Roll on-roll off is still popular though. It’s important to note that all our ro-ro vehicles are shipped below deck for insurance purposes. Should you require your vehicle to be air freighted to you, please talk to the team directly.


Once your car is on the boat, we DHL all the above original documentation, the bill of lading and all loose items such as spare keys to you to ensure their safe delivery.

Japanese Vehicles

We can source you the best value cars from Japan with the assurance of the high quality vehicles and professional service associated with MHH International. We identify the best vehicles available in the market or bid at auction on your behalf via our partner company in Kyoto. Only exceptional cars make the grade because we only recommend cars that are registered as grade 4 and above by the auction house.

Japan Pre-export Inspections

Quality assurance comes to us from a number of sources. All cars need to have all of the following to make the grade:

  • Grade 4 on the national grading from the auctioneer
  • Country specific pre-export inspection approval
  • The current registration certificate (verifying mileage)

Shipping from Japan

Most vehicles are shipped ‘roll on- roll off’. They are always situated below deck for insurance purposes. Marine insurance is covered by our partner’s policy. Details available on request.


Once your car is on the boat to its destination, we DHL all the original vehicle documentation, the bill of lading and all loose items such as spare keys to you. In addition we will provide an English translation of the manufacturer’s book pack free of charge (subject to availability).

Our Services by Country

See details of the process, timings and specific import requirements for your country.

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