Significant savings with new lower excise duty

NIC Bank

The Excise Duty Bill 2015 lowered the Excise Duty for vehicles worth over approximately 1.8 Million Ksh. This has incredible savings on higher value car imports.

For Example:

Old Price New Price Savings
Lexus LX570 18.9M 17.1M 1.8M
Prado TZ-G 8.5M 8.1M 400,000
Mercedes E250 7.4M 6.76M 640,000

The opportunity to save this amount of money is a rare treat. Be sure to take advantage of these great savings while they last as popular opinion believes that the new rules may change.

Introducing our “Lowest Duty Promise”

Our Lowest Duty Promise is to always charge you the new lower Excise Duty. We will make sure you have complete visibility of the savings you are making. However, if the KRA implement changes very quickly, we cannot appeal their new rate applied. The final confirmation of the excise duty applied comes when your car is cleared.

Isn’t it time to make hay while the sun shines!