Enjoy a Top Quality Car Import & Keep Your Finances on Track

NIC Bank

Buying an imported car needn’t send your finances off road.

Our partnership with NIC allows you to import your car with the UK’s leading car importer and finance it with NIC so you can enjoy the car you deserve without tying up your finances. Choose your car from a full range of top quality imports from Japan or the UK. Relax with the peace of mind that each car is rigorously inspected and quality certified to ensure it meets our demanding standards. In addition, every car has its mileage independently certified to verify that the mileage is genuine. And when it reaches you, your car automatically comes with a free 3 month full warranty so you can simply enjoy the open road.

    Import finance at a glance

  • 20% deposit & no additional security
  • First Class Import Service to Nairobi
  • Japan and UK sourced vehicles: Cars and commercial available
  • 24 hour application assessment
  • One clear import price: Gives you the complete import cost for your purchase
  • Comprehensive transport insurance, so your car is cared for from door to door
  • 3 month free warranty: Allowing you to simply enjoy your new car
  • Tracker fitted, providing you with a lifetime subscription of cover
  • Mileage Certified: to verify the mileage is genuine
  • Ownership history provided
  • Personal handover from the MHH International team in Nairobi

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Calculate your repayment plan

Find out how affordable your imported car could be. Simply spread your payments across 48 months or less.

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What’s included in your import price

Our prices are inclusive of all importation costs so you have no surprises. Our first class delivery service takes care of everything to import your car safely to Nairobi. So you can relax and look forward to the open road.
  • Cost of your vehicle & shipping to Mombasa
  • Import duties and levies
  • Port charges
  • Preparation to showroom standards
  • Import Declaration Form application and processing (IDF)
  • Transportation of your vehicle to Nairobi
  • Joint registration fee
  • Personal handover from our MHH International agent in Nairobi
  • Pre-export preparation & QISJ
  • Registration of your vehicle in Kenya
  • Clearing agent fees
  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover to Nairobi (no excess)
  • Valuation by NIC’s approved insurers
  • Secure gated storage for your vehicle
  • Free 3 month warranty from MHH

How it works

Frequently Answered Questions

What Documentation will I need to provide when I apply for my loan?

The documentation required from you by NIC is as follows:
  • Fully completed Asset Finance application form. (Available from all NIC branches)
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Original bank statements for current 6 months period
  • ID & PIN Copies
  • All directors PIN and ID copies (for Limited companies)
  • Company PIN card copy (for Limited companies)
  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration (for Limited companies)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (for Limited companies)
  • Pay Slips (for the employed)
  • Logbook Copy/ Import Paper Copies.

How long does it take to import a car from the UK?

A typical purchase takes 8 weeks from the day that the deposit is received to you collecting it. Approximately half of this time is the shipping time for the boat to reach Mombasa. And the remainder allows for your car to be fully inspected and prepared prior to shipment and then cleared through customs on arrival and transported and prepared for your collection.

Can I buy a car from another supplier in the UK & Japan and still get my finance from NIC Bank?

MHH International is happy for you to locate your car from another UK supplier. MHH International will then inspect and purchase the vehicle on your behalf, ensuring that your car is of the highest quality, prior to shipping it to Kenya.

What age of vehicle can I finance?

Under Kenyan regulations, used cars must be no more than 8 years old.

How do I know that I can trust MHH International?

MHH International has been importing vehicles to Kenya for over 8 years. NIC Bank has selected MHH International as their only UK import partner because of the strict quality control and their highly professional service.

Who do I contact to get my car purchase started?

Simply contact MHH International via the enquiry form on the MHH International website. One of the sales team will be in touch very quickly to discuss your needs. NIC bank will require their usual paperwork to approve your asset finance application once you’ve shortlisted a car with MHH International.

What if I don’t have an account with NIC Bank?

NIC Bank extend the offer of asset finance on UK & Japanese imports to both account holders and non-account holders.

When do I start to repay my loan?

Approximately 1 month after receiving your vehicle.

How much deposit do I have to pay?

Percentages will vary from time to time but generally, NIC Bank bases its loan offers on a 20% deposit for used personal vehicles.

When does the deposit get paid?

The deposit is required to secure your vehicle from being sold to another customer within the UK. Typically MHH International will require the deposit once a suitable vehicle has been chosen and the loan offer letter has been issued by NIC Bank.

Who do I pay the deposit to?

Deposits are payable to MHH International.

Do MHH International have an office in Kenya?

We do not have an office in Kenya but we do have local customer service representatives who can speak or meet with you at your convenience to assist with your purchase.

How can I be confident that the mileage on my car has not been tampered with?

All MHH International cars must meet 6 independent inspections before we buy it on a client's behalf.

How can I be sure that my car represents value for money?

MHH International can provide a shadow valuation before buying the car and will also provide a valuation as part of the package once the vehicle has arrived in Mombasa for insurance purposes. NIC Bank requires that the valuation is completed by one if their approved valuers within the bank’s panel.

Is there any other documentation not already mentioned required to import my car?

Yes, MHH International will arrange for all of the necessary documents including the IDF (Import Declaration Form), vehicle invoice and copy of duty payment receipt to be forwarded to NIC Bank. In addition, MHH International will also carry out a KRA search as soon as your car has been registered and forward this to NIC Bank for their records.

Do I have a warranty on my car?

MHH International gives 3 months warranty on all cars purchased using asset finance. Terms and Conditions available on request.

What happens if my car is written off after I have received it?

The vehicle should be comprehensively insured by an underwriter within the bank’s panel before the release letter is issued.

Can I restructure my loan once it has started?

Yes, you can, but there should be a justification for it and consultation with the bank.

Can I make overpayments?

Yes, you can and there is no penalty for early pay-offs.

Can I select my own car insurance provider?

Yes, but it has to be within the bank’s panel.

Am I required to have a tracker on the vehicle?

Yes. The bank requires you to have a tracker installed. This is arranged automatically as part of the service and is invoiced to you separately to the car. Prices start at KSh 55,000.