Import finance for both UK and Japanese cars helps you afford the car you really want

Buying the car of your dreams is easy. We are very proud to be the only car importer to be an approved vehicle supplier for both UK and Japanese cars to Kenya’s leading banks. Get 80% asset finance for your car import and simply repay your loan to your own trusted Kenyan bank in monthly instalments, no additional security required.

Our Premier Finance Partners


NIC Bank

Finance your import with simple import finance from NIC Bank. Learn more


We are delighted to announce CBA as our most recent premier partner for import finance. Learn more

The Co-operative Bank

The Co-operative Bank offers a stress free solution to financing your import at competitive rates. Learn more





Can I really buy from Japan or the UK today?

You are no longer restricted to buying the cars from the local forecourts. MHH International will find your dream car by searching across our UK and Japanese trade network of trusted suppliers. We will scrutinise both markets to find you the best options available giving you the confidence that you are choosing from the best selection of cars possible. Once the bank have given you their loan pre-approval, all you need a 20% deposit to secure your car. No additional security is required. And once you’ve completed your payments on your loan, the car is completely yours.

Can I use my current bank?

We have two premier finance partnerships with whom we work very closely: NIC and The Co-operative Bank. We also have agreements in place with many additional major banks to offer asset finance for your purchase. These include CFC, I&M & CBA Dtb. Simply call us to enquire about your preferred bank if they are not mentioned here.

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Sample repayment plan

See how much easier it can be by paying for your car in monthly instalments.

Vehicle Price (KES) Initial 20% Deposit Amount to finance Monthly Repayment
24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months
2,000,000 400,000 1,600,000
81,000 58,800 47,700 41,000
3,000,000 600,000 2,400,000
121,500 88,200 71,500 61,500
5,000,000 1,000,000 4,000,000
202,500 146,900 119,200 102,500
Vehicle Price KES 2,000,000
Initial Deposit (20%) 600,000
Amount to finance 2,400,000
Monthly repayments  
24 Months 121,500
36 Months 88,200
48 Months 71,500
60 Months 61,500

Please note that the minimum purchase price for an asset financed UK import is KSh 2,000,000. Interest rates may vary.

All Inclusive Delivery Service to Nairobi.

When you buy a car with asset finance, you are not just buying the car, you are buying a first class delivery service to Nairobi. All our prices are inclusive of all importation costs so you receive no surprises along the way. Sit back and relax, we’ve got it covered. Our all inclusive service to Nairobi:

  • Repair of minor damage resulting from journey
  • Import Declaration Form application and processing (IDF)
  • Import duties and levies
  • Registration of your vehicle in Kenya
  • Port charges
  • Clearing agent fees
  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover to Nairobi (no excess)
  • Postage of your vehicle’s Kenyan log book to your PIN certificate address
  • Transportation of your vehicle to Nairobi
  • Secure storage for your vehicle
  • Personal handover from our MHH International agent in Nairobi
  • Bespoke sourcing of your vehicle, purchase, inspection and collection
  • Storage of your vehicle in our safe compound until it is ready to be transported to the port
  • Paintwork re-conditioning (where required)
  • Mileage checks & reports
  • All pre-export inspections required
  • Transport to the destination port (on a trailer if the car is new)
  • Fully comprehensive insurance throughout its UK journey
  • High level of marine insurance throughout shipping
  • Online tracking of your order and scans of required documentation
  • DHL of all original documentation and vulnerable loose items to you or your agent
  • Valuation by bank’s panel
  • Joint registration fee
  • Free 3 month warranty
  • Tracker fitted (additional charge)

MHH International Finance Process

Your Questions Answered.

How long does it take to import a car from the UK?

A typical purchase takes 60 days from the day that the deposit is received to you receiving your keys. Approximately half of this time is the shipping time for the boat to reach Mombasa. The remainder allows for your car to be fully inspected and prepared prior to shipment and then cleared through customs on arrival and transported and prepared for your collection.

Can I buy a car from another supplier and still get my finance from my local Kenyan Bank?

MHH International is happy for you to locate your car from another UK supplier. MHH will then inspect and purchase the vehicle on your behalf, ensuring that your car is of the highest quality, prior to shipping it to Kenya. For Japanese purchases, we would refer your request to our agent to ensure the car you have found meets our quality control standards.

How do I know that I can trust MHH International?

MHH International has been importing vehicles to Kenya for over 5 years. We have now been selected by a number of leading Kenyan banks to be their sole UK importer of vehicles owing to the consistency in the quality of our cars, the reliability of the service and the expertise of our team.

Who do I contact to get my car purchase started?

Simply enquire via the MHH form on our website. One of the sales team will be in touch very quickly to discuss your needs. Your bank will require their usual paperwork to approve your asset finance application once you've shortlisted a car with MHH.

What if MHH does not have an agreement with my preferred bank?

Please call us and we can discuss this with you. We're always willing to approach your bank to find out if they would be willing to support the UK import market.

When do I start paying interest on my loan?

When the final loan agreement paperwork is completed between you and your bank. This is typically 2-3 days prior to you receiving your car.

When do I start to repay my loan?

Your bank will discuss this with you and arrange your preferred loan repayment date.

When does the deposit get paid?

The deposit is required to secure your vehicle from being sold to another customer. Typically MHH International will require the deposit once a suitable vehicle has been chosen and the loan offer letter has been issued by your bank.

Who do I pay the deposit to?

Deposits are payable to the MHH International bank account held with your bank.

Who is the registered owner of the vehicle?

Your vehicle is jointly registered in both your name and your bank's until the loan is paid off in full. Once you have completed all loan payments, the vehicle is transferred to you as the sole owner. 

Do MHH have an office in Kenya?

Yes we do. Please come and meet our team in Westlands, Nairobi. We would be delighted to meet you and help you to import your next car. Our address is: 4th Floor, The Pavilion, Lower Kabete Road, Nairobi. 

How can I be confident that the mileage on my car has not been tampered with?

All MHH International cars must pass our independent inspections. One of which is a check against the national mileage register or mileage certificate to identify any irregularities against a vehicle.

Do I have a warranty on my car?

MHH gives 3 months warranty on all cars purchased using asset finance.

Am I required to have a tracker on the vehicle?

Yes. The bank requires you to have a tracker installed. This is arranged automatically as part of the service and is invoiced to you separately to the car. Prices start at KSh 45,000.

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