Import a Car From The UK to New Zealand

New Zealand

Save tens of thousands of dollars by importing your next car from the UK. Our trade networks allow us to buy new cars at significant discounts and nearly new and older cars at the best prices possible. You will also enjoy a 20% saving when choosing a Vat qualifying car which allows your to buy your UK car tax free. Our first class import service gives you a seamless import experience to New Zealand from choosing your car in the UK to driving it home for the first time. Importing a UK car couldn’t be easier. Let our experienced team find your dream car today.

First Class Import Service to New Zealand

We operate a very comprehensive CIF service, taking care of all export requirements to ensure your car reaches New Zealand with the greatest care. Our CIF price wraps up all costs required to deliver your car to the compliance doorstep. All of the following services are included in our CIF price:

  • Sourcing of your vehicle, purchase, inspection and collection.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance whilst in the UK.
  • UK transport to MHH offices and then onto the port.
  • Storage of your vehicle in our safe compound until it is ready to be transported to the port.
  • Repair of minor scuffs
  • Transport to the destination port (on a trailer if the car is new).
  • All pre-export inspections required.
  • VAT reclaim administration for all VAT free sales.
  • Advice on manufacturer's international warranties.
  • Packing in LCL container
  • Export UK clearances. 
  • Shipping to NZ (Auckland or Chirstchurch).
  • High level of marine insurance throughout journey.
  • Customs clearance in NZ.
  • MPI and IVS inspections.
  • Container cartage.
  • Unpacking.
  • Delivery to compliance in NZ.
  • DHL of all original documentation and vulnerable loose items to you or McCullough. 


Taking Care of Every Detail.

The complete import service takes care of every detail so you can relax and have your car delivered to your door. We partner with McCullough Shipping Ltd, New Zealand’s leading car shipping agent because they provide a highly professional service when your car arrives in New Zealand:

Via McCullough

  • Management of the NZTA complaince inspection.
  • Assistance with NZTA registration.
  • NZ based foreign currency transaction facilitation services to make payment easy.
  • A secure Escrow service for the handling of funds.
  • Conversion of your car's navigation system.
  • Conversion from miles to Kilometers.
  • Delivery to your door and on-road insurance.

You are welcome to contact McCullough to discuss your requirements with sales manager Joe Steele ( ) and he shall be very happy to help you decide which level of the McCullough service will be most suitable for you. Office phone: +64 9 303 0075 Mobile phone: +64 21 968 694 Website:


The Personal Export Scheme

When you buy a vat qualifying car from the UK to export, normally the car must be permanently exported within 12 weeks or you lose the window to claim the tax back. The Personal Export Scheme is there to allow you to drive your car in the UK and Europe for up to 12 months and still be able to benefit from reclaiming the VAT.

How do I Qualify?

Overseas visitors who have not been in the EU for more than 365 in the past 2 years, OR 1,095 days in the past 6 years. When your road trip is over you must not return to the EU for at least 6 months.

Which Vehicles Qualify?

The good news it, it’s not just cars that qualify, it also applies to motorbikes and motor homes.

To find out more about how this could work for you read our blog post about the Personal Export Scheme or email or call us +44 (0)1483 275 756 and we’ll be delighted to help.


Simple Car Import Process

The import process usually takes between 60-70 days from the day we purchase your vehicle to the day you receive it. Cars are usually delivered to Auckland or Christchurch in a container.

How Long Does it Take to Import a Car to New Zealand from the UK?

DHL of Key Documents

We will DHL all vehicle documentation and loose items from your car to your preferred address. This is frequently to the McCullough team but let us know if your requirements are different.

  UK vehicles
  Up to date service history
  HPI certification (Mileage verification and No serious damage history)
  Manufacturers book pack
  Bill of Lading
  A locking wheel nut (if applicable)
  Spare key
  MHH pre-purchase check documents  
  V5 Logbook  

Costs checklist

  • Car Purchase (CIF)
  • NZ Vehicle Compliance
  • NZ Vehicle registration costs
  • NZ road insurance
  • Good and Service Tax (GST) payment
  • Delivery from port to final destination.

Useful Links

Registering your vehicle Registration fees Import restrictions by vehicle type for NZ For further details please contact MHH International team on +44 (0)1483 275 756 or

Car identified, balance received, car purchased.