Import a Car From The UK to Malaysia


Importing your car to Malaysia is simple with our professional import service. Once you have your approval permit, we will help you find your dream car to import from the UK. Our experienced sales team have been exporting for 10 years and can source new and used cars for all brands. Shipping your car to Malaysia takes just 15 days so you could be driving it home within 35 days of buying it in the UK. Call us today to and let our professional team take the stress out of importing your next car.

Car Import Process from the UK to Malaysia

Car Shipping Service to Port Klang or Kuching (CIF)

Our cars are shipped and insured service to Port Klang or Kuching. Our CIF price includes all UK costs and the shipping and insurance costs to the docks in Malaysia so you receive extra costs along the way. We strongly recommend using a licensed clearing agent to assist you through customs even though you may be allowed to perform the clearing yourself for your car.

This service provides everything you need for your car to reach your preferred port.

  • Bespoke sourcing of your vehicle, purchase, inspection and collection.
  • Storage of your vehicle until it is ready to be transported to the port.
  • Paintwork re-conditioning (if required).
  • Mileage checks & reports.
  • Company pre-export inspections.
  • Transport to the departure port (on a trailer if the car is new).
  • Fully comprehensive insurance throughout its UK journey.
  • High level of marine insurance throughout shipping.
  • DHL of all original documentation and loose items to you or your agent.

The Simple Car Import Process

Importing your car from the UK takes 35 days from the moment we buy your car in the UK to when it arrives at the port in Malaysia. You can choose for your car to be shipped in a container or ‘roll on roll off’ (ro-ro) to Port Klang or Kuching. Our first class import service takes great care to make sure your car reaches you in optimum condition. All cars are given a high level insured throughout their journey in the UK and on the boat. We insure your vehicle for its value (not weight) to give you peace of mind. Our price includes all pre-export checks and any paint re-conditioning work is done free of charge. Once ready, your car is shipped to you and all paperwork is sent via DHL to ensure its safe delivery.

Your Car's Journey to  Malaysia
Day 1
Car identified, deposit paid, balance received
Day 2-8
Car collected, inspected and delivered to the UK port
Day 11-35
Car is shipped to the Malaysian port

Shipping Time from the UK to Malaysia

25 days

What You Receive By DHL

We will DHL all vehicle documentation and loose tiems to your preferred address. This is usually you or your nominated clearing agent.

  UK vehicles
  Up to date service history
  HPI certification (Mileage verification and No serious damage history)
  Manufacturers book pack
  Bill of Lading
  A locking wheel nut (if applicable)
  Spare key
  MHH pre-purchase check documents  
  V5 Logbook  
Car import documentation for Malaysia

Import Restrictions

To import a car into Malaysia, you must apply for an Approval Permit (AP) from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. (MITI) See the links below for the details of this process. Cars and vehicles imported into Malaysia do not require anything in addition to the standard documentation and export certificate. Cars must be right hand drive and between one year and five years old. Duties, GST and levies will apply. See links to government website below. Do remember to arrange insurance for your vehicle from the point it reaches either Port or from the moment your clearing agent transfers your car to you. Should you have any questions please contact MHH International team on +44 (0)1483 275 756 or

Car Import Regulations to Malaysia

Useful links

Import guidelines for vehicles. Royal Malaysian Customs Department The Road Transport Department, Malaysia Malaysian Automotive Association Duty Structure.