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2020 Jeep Wrangler Night Eagle
The 2020 Jeep Wrangler Night Eagle is the first special edition model created from the new generation Jeep 4x4 model. The trim on the night Eagle has a bolder and sportier look compared to other Wranglers and is the first with a new safety pack which offers Forward Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control-plus. Get this brand-new Jeep Wrangler Night Eagle with a 2.0L petrol engine for just Kes 11.3M duty paid to Nairobi. This is just one example of the Jeeps you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
The 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a strong V6 engine and very upscale interior. It has great off-road capabilities and still delivers on the highway making it a great choice for a midsize SUV. This Jeep Grand Cherokee could be yours today for a total cost of Kes 3.65M duty paid to Nairobi. This is just one example of the Jeeps you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
Not that long ago, the idea that luxury or super car makers would build sport utility vehicles (SUV) as part of their range was met with horror. There was talk from purists that the exclusive brands would be selling out to meet popular trends. Well, they all did it, or are doing it, anyway and that includes the famous British badge of Bentley. Enter the Bentayga. First introduced in 2016, the Bentayga styling was not entirely lauded by fans, but that hasn't stopped it becoming the biggest seller among its direct competitors. Over time some 20,000 have been sold. It has been a stunning success for Bentley and in 2019 accounted for forty-five per cent of the company’s global sales. Now a new model has just been introduced and this time it looks fabulous. The luxury SUV has received a major facelift with a new exterior design plus the very latest onboard technology and an even more cosseting cabin. This new Bentayga is significantly revised both inside and out. Combining the abilities of a performance grand tourer, a luxury limousine, a spacious family car and an off-roader, this latest Bentley really can do it all. The makers insist that no other car can offer the breadth of ability to rival the Bentayga.
Audi Q5 Sport S
The Audi Q5 is a medium size SUV with an opulent spacious interior. New for 2017, this is the 2nd generation model superseding the 2012 facelift model. If you are looking for style that does not draw too much attention, then this is a perfect choice. This Audi Q5 could be yours today for a total cost of Kes 5.9M duty paid to Nairobi. This is just one example of the Audis you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
How Do I Get The VAT Back On a Car Imported From The UK?
People buying cars from the UK who wish to export them beyond the EU need to know how this reclaim process actually works. Not all UK dealers are set up to do this and some will ask you to cover the VAT until it has been returned from the UK Tax office. But you can buy your car without having to pay for the VAT at all. This article will help you to understand the options available to you and the best way for you to buy your car tax free from the UK stress free. Many people we have met over the years have bought cars from the UK and never recovered the VAT. Perhaps because they didn’t know how to or the advice they had been given wasn’t very accurate, or the people who promised to reclaim it for them didn’t deliver on their promise and so it was never approved by the UK Tax office. This is always disappointing to hear and we hope this article will help to stop these issues from happening.
Are Hybrid Cars The Answer?
Many drivers are not yet turned on in an automotive sense by the idea of electric cars. For some, the technology is not trusted, especially those who drive longer distances, others think the EV infrastructure is not yet ready for a mainstream influx of electric-only vehicles on our roads. Further, for many, it is simply not a practical choice. Certainly EV technology is progressing quickly and, especially for urban drivers, is the solution for cleaner greener motoring. Fortunately there is a solution for those who would like better economy and lower emissions but who are not yet ready for the full electric experience: Hybrids.
2017 Mercedes Benz X-Class 250D
The Mercedes X-class is the first ever pick up built by Mercedes.  The X Class feels very stable and settled even at high speeds and needless to say, Mercedes does not disappoint when it comes to the premium interior. The X250 d is a 2.3L diesel, seven-speed auto with 187bhp has very attractive duties landing it at a total cost of Kes 6.5M inclusive of duties. This is just one example of the Mercedes you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
2016 Audi Q7 S Line
We are delighted to share with you yet another luxury SUV with a seven-passenger capacity. The Audi Q7 S Line trim offers a joyous driving experience and has a very stylish and spacious interior. Its 3.0L diesel engine offers a sporty feel but remains fuel-efficient. This Audi Q7 could be yours today for a total cost of Kes 8.95M duty paid to Nairobi. This is just one example of the Audis you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
The BMW X7 is one of the luxury SUVs and the biggest in the BMW family which is what many people find appealing about it. Everything about this car is big including the huge kidney grill being the biggest ever to be used. It is a 7 seater with the third row being collapsible giving it a lot of boot space where needed. This BMW X7 with only 5,500 miles could be yours today for Kes 13.75M duty paid in Nairobi. This is just one example of the BMWs you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today.
Introducing The Stylish New BMW 4 Series Coupé
If ever a brand could be said to stick with the plan, it is BMW. Every new saloon or SUV that appears from the German manufacturer, even if the badge was removed, could only be a BMW. It's the same with this exciting new release, the 4 Series Coupé.
2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak
Looking for a fancy truck? This 2016 model Ford Ranger Wildtrak is automatic and comes with a strong five-cylinder engine and better steering which is lighter around town. Ford was first to introduce safety features like lane departure warning, collision warning and radar cruise control to the light trucks rivaling the Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50, among others. The heightened safety features have made this 2016 Ford Ranger gain popularity as a family car and recreational off-roaders. Get yours today for Kes 5.3M duty paid in Nairobi. This is just one example of the Ford Rangers you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
Although the car market is changing, there are some things never change. Almost every week we see new models, new niche brands appearing or a new car that goes faster than the one before. With even more rules and regulations globally that govern how and what we drive, our four-wheeled world seems always to be in a state of evolution. There are however some constants that we demand and that should never change and they are quality and performance.
2014 Mercedes Benz E220
We are delighted to share with you this Mercedes E220. In a world of many saloons, Mercedes offers one of the most luxurious choices in the market with elegance oozing from both the interior and exterior. This 2.1L Diesel Mercedes E220 will give you the best of both worlds of luxury and economy at a landed cost of 3.4M KES. This is just one example of the Mercedes Benz you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
2019 VW Touareg R Line
Launched in 2018, the new shape VW Touareg R Line is curved to sophistication. With sharper edges than the older models, this Touareg is built off the ‘MLB Evo’ parts matrix, which uses the same architecture as the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. The cabin has had a complete overhaul with a digital cockpit having a 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system on the dashboard that blends seamlessly into a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display. This 3.0L Diesel VW Touareg with only 13,873 miles will definitely make you stand out from the rest  at a landed cost of 9.5M KES.
The Range Rover Velar is a  mid size SUV launched in 2017  and aimed to bridge the gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. The sleek exterior and stunning interior spell out luxury and elegance and is definitely very eye catching. This 2.0L Diesel Range Rover Velar with only 13,580 miles, makes it an attractive duty for importing to Kenya for a total cost of 9.27M KES. This is just one example of the Range Rovers you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to import today. 
Audi A6: A Suitable Case For Consideration.
At MHH International, we will always say that hatchback-style cars are super-practical but we also maintain that there is still room on the roads for smart, handsome saloon cars; just like the Audi A6 featured here in fact. It is the quintessential executive saloon. Making perhaps more sense than the bigger limousine-style vehicles, the A6 has plenty of room for the whole family or four of your business colleagues and the boot (trunk) is a generous size too. No wonder it's a favourite with car buyers globally.
2018 Range Rover Sport HSE
mport the latest model Range Rover Sport HSE from only Kes 11M delivered duty paid to Nairobi. For 2018, Land Rover updated the popular Range Rover Sport. The New Sport comes with new headlights and redesigned front and rear bumpers, new exhausts and all new interior with the touch duo infotainment system from the Velar. Available for the first time with a 2.0L Diesel engine producing 237 bhp (torque 369 lbs/ft), making this model an attractive duty for importing to Kenya. This is just one example of the Range Rovers you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your dream car to
We are offering this 2nd generation petrol CX-5 from the UK as we have just learnt that Mazda in Kenya are still selling the old shape for considerably more money. This Skyactive-G GT Sport is the top of the range with leather and sunroof. Be quick as this deal is improved considerable by the knockdown prices in the UK. Contact MHH today to order your perfect Mazda CX 5.
It goes without saying that the sport utility vehicle, in all its many guises, continues to hold sway over the car-buying public; and why not? They are great vehicles that can accommodate most of the ways in which we use cars. Now, there's an even better choice because the world of the SUV is getting greener. Here's a selection of well-respected prestige vehicles that now offer electrification.
There are always going to be people who find the BMW X5 just to big, which is why we have selected this fantastic looking X3 M Sport with the 4wheel drive xDrive system. It is not often we see a car of this quality, this age, this mileage, and stature at this price. Contact MHH today to order your perfect BMW X3 M Sport.
Looking for a strong and reliable pickup that's great for all your off-road and adventuring needs? This is just one example of the Toyota Hilux you can import. There is a variety of choice including automatic transmission and high specification pickups also available. Contact MHH today to order your perfect Toyota Hilux.
2016 BMW X6 xDrive 40d
With the UK car market on partial lockdown the dealers that are open are offering great offers on stock. This 2016 xDrive40d X6 is the perfect example of a deal that can't be missed. Stylish and practical German engineering with 5 seats, plus it is a very efficient 3.0L diesel engine. This is just one example of the BMWs you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your BMW X6 to import today.
BMW Ensure Efficient Cars For A Greener Future
German-built BMW cars have been highly regarded in the world of prestige motoring and their future plans include building upon this reputation. Thirteen years ago the brand introduce its 'Efficient Dynamics' technology package which, in their words, remains unrivalled in the car manufacturing industry to this day. The good news for buyers of recently pre-owned vehicles is that emission and fuel efficiency is in-built, whilst for buyers of new models the future holds even greater emission reduction and sparing use of fuel.
2013 Ford Ranger
The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has got to be one of the best looking pickups in the market today. And with its 3.2L diesel engine and automatic gear box there is almost nowhere you won't be able to go. We have selected this unit as the pick of the day as it is very low mileage, represents great value for money (due to it being VAT free in the UK) and it has the lockable rear bed cover. Don't miss out on this bargain. This is just one example of the Ford Ranger you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your Ford Ranger to import today.
Alfa Romeo Guilia GTA
The good news when it comes to the Italian brand is that past worries about fragility can be dismissed and put back in their box. Alfa Romeo scored an impressive fourth place for reliability in a recent major survey and none more so than the gorgeous and very popular Giulia saloon. To follow that Alfa have produced an even more stunning version of this car, resurrecting the legendary model designation of GTA, and MHH International have had a first look at this tremendous vehicle.
Now is the perfect time to import the new shape Land Cruiser VX. Take advantage of fixed duties of approximately USD$5,000 to import this 2018 VX Landcruiser with only 15,500km, You can import the top of the range 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser VZ for just $59,990. Packed with a huge amount of spec this is the Land Cruiser to own. View full details for this car on our website.
Ineos Granedier
The 29th January 2016 was a sad day in the lives of those enthusiasts who love to drive off-road because that was the day production of the legendary Land Rover Defender ended, for good. It also caused a stir among the farming community whose fondness for the Land Rover marque dated back sixty-seven years when the first Series 1 hit the fields of Britain. But, alas, progress will not be halted. It is said that the company ceased production of this vehicle because the engines would not meet future European standards. There is no mention as to why other suitable diesel units from other vehicles in the Jaguar Land Rover range could not have been engineered in but it seems clear that Land Rover had plans to bring this 4x4 into the 21st Century with a brand new model. The new Defender is very nice and very, very accomplished off-road but has more in common with the up-market Discovery than with the old Defender 90.
JL Series Wrangler Sahara
The new Jeep Wrangler Sahara is available from the UK at incredible prices. You can import a 2019 new shape JL Jeep Wrangler for 7.5M Kes with ease with MHH International and save yourself 400,000 Kes. View full details for this car on our website.
2014 Range Rover Sport HSE
The ever popular Range Rover Sport is without question the most popular of the Range Rover family. This 3L SDV6 diesel HSE is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. We have chosen this car to showcase due to the black trims and wheels making it really stand out. Its also one of the best priced versions of this new shape that started with the 2014 model year. Want to turn heads wherever you go; then contact MHH today.
Aston Martin Vantage Roadster
We herald the arrival of the much-anticipated Roadster variant and it does not disappoint.
Lexus LX 450d
The Lexus LX 450d is arguably the smarter buy for SUVs of this size. This 4.5L diesel turbo engine has all the power but a more affordable price tag. Import a new 2020 Lexus 450d for 17M Kes and save up to 5M Kes versus a New Land Cruiser V8. Why pay more? Contact the team for more details about importing a Lexus.
Drive this stunning L405 Range Rover for under 10M Kes, tropicalised for Kenya fuel. This smooth and powerful 4.4L SDV8 not only feels like you are driving pure luxury, it also looks the part from the outside as it is the top of the range Autobiography. Why pay over 30M KES for a new one when you could be driving this car with a new Kenya number plate in 60 days. Affordable luxury that will take you places.


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