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By Geoff Maxted

From 2025, it has been announced, Jaguar will morph into a reimagined and purely electric luxury brand. They promise a dramatically beautiful new portfolio of “emotionally engaging” designs and pioneering next-generation technologies.

The i-Pace featured here is the forerunner of this brave new electric world. This car has proved to be a global success story that has garnered no less than 88 automotive awards and here at MHH International we are delighted to feature it. This fine all-electric performance SUV has been around for a while now, improving all the time, to the point that the latest model is the Jaguar i-Pace Black seen here in some of the images.

Jaguar i-Pace Front

The Looks

The I-Pace's dramatic, cab-forward profile with short overhangs and a taut, muscular rear-end give it real kerb-appeal which sets it apart from other SUVs. The clean, contemporary look is accentuated by the gloss black finish of the 20” five-spoke wheels, and the I-Pace Black models are available in the full range of colours and include metallic paints as standard.

These exclusive new additions to the i-Pace range benefit from an enhanced specification over the SE and HSE models on which they are based and includes the Black Pack, a panoramic roof and privacy glass.

High Tech As Standard

As with every model in the range, the I-Pace Black offers a wealth of technology designed to make every journey simpler and more enjoyable. The ‘Pivi Pro’ infotainment system is ready to go by the time you’re in the driving seat and is as intuitive to use as your smartphone.

The EV navigation can show if nearby charging stations are available or in use, the type of connector they have, what they cost, and how long it will take to charge. In the just-emerging world of real-life electric car charging, this is a real bonus. On long drives, Pivi Pro can also show your predicted charge level at each waypoint. When it comes to musical choices, there’s an embedded SIM and a 4G data plan for unlimited music streaming incorporating the Smartphone Pack with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard.

Jaguar I-Pace Infotainment
Jaguar i-Pace EV

To make smartphone connectivity even more convenient and seamless, wireless versions of both will soon become available to customers in a software-over-the-air (SOTA) update, meaning its infotainment and vehicle systems can always be updated remotely and seamlessly. In addition, the I-PACE can connect two phones simultaneously, and an optional wireless device charging pad beneath the ‘floating’ centre console features a signal booster to improve network reception and Wi-Fi.

Passenger Comfort

Inside there’s the usual sumptuous Jaguar interior, with a focus on air quality in these eco-times. Occupant comfort and well-being are prioritised, say the company, with cabin air ionisation now featuring to capture ultra-fine airborne particles and allergens. The I-Pace can even filter its cabin air before you begin a journey.

The driver gets the latest ‘ClearSight’ digital rear-view mirror offering an unobstructed view of the road behind, even with rear-seat passengers or a fully loaded luggage compartment. It uses a wide-angle, rear-facing camera linked to a screen behind the mirror: a switch allows the driver to choose between the standard view or the camera feed. On long motorway journeys Adaptive Cruise Control with Steering Assist enhances driver comfort by gently assisting steering, acceleration and braking to centre the vehicle in lane while maintaining a set distance from vehicles ahead.

Jaguar i-Pace interior
Jaguar i-Pace  OS Rear

The Power

With two in-house-designed electric motors at each axle, the i-Pace produces exceptional combined performance of 394bhp (400PS) and mighty torque of 696Nm, thanks to the aluminium construction and the low centre of gravity of the low-down battery pack. The i-Pace offers an unrivalled balance of all-wheel drive performance, refinement, luxury and agility – together with outstanding real-world range and day-to-day usability.

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