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Infiniti Q60 Sports Coupé at speed
Featuring the new face of Infiniti, the Q60 is a premium sports coupé that combines a truly expressive design with exhilarating performance and driving dynamics. The muscular lines of this striking car underline the Q60’s considerable performance potential – reinforced at the top of the range by an advanced all-new 3.0L V6 twin-turbo engine.

The design certainly projects a sense of motion and power. It looks fast standing still. The aggressive stance gives a greater impression of stability and in-control driving potential, while the low centre of gravity has a positive overall effect on driving dynamics, say the company.


Lower and wider than previous coupés from the Japanese brand, the Q60’s bold exterior expresses power and elegance. Developments include the lightweight and sophisticated new V6 engine coupled with the latest version of Infiniti’s ‘Direct Adaptive Steering’ and a digital suspension system.


Infiniti Side view

Under The Hood

There’s a choice of two turbocharged petrol engines that do without the hybrid assistance of some other Infiniti cars in the range. The base 2.0L gets rear-wheel drive, while the V6 at the top of the pile is four-wheel drive only. Whichever engine buyers go for, economy or raw power, a seven-speed automatic gearbox is fitted as standard.


The high performance 3.0L V6 twin-turbo engine from the new and exclusive ‘VR’ powertrain family is born out of the brand’s extensive in-house experience in six-cylinder engine development. The new engine delivers 400hp, which is plenty, and has been designed to offer increased power and torque while maintaining high levels of efficiency.


A four-cylinder 2.0L petrol engine, turbocharged to produce a more modest 208hp, is also available.

Infinti, Rear view

The Q60 is pleasingly rear-wheel drive for immediate dynamic responses and drive off the line. An optional Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system that is rear-biased aids handling and road-holding thanks to enhanced stability in low-grip conditions.


Driver & Passengers In Harmony


This attractive automobile delivers a truly engaging sports coupé experience, offering a compliant ride and agile handling. Playing a key role in achieving this balance is the new Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS), engineered to offer direct handling responses and high agility, plus enhanced ride comfort – aided by new electronic and adaptive dampers.


Sophisticated craftsmanship is apparent in the spacious and beautifully appointed interior. Inside the Q60 follows the brand’s ‘driver-centric, passenger-minded’ approach to advanced cabin architecture. Infiniti designers have used this architecture to give each occupant their own clearly defined space within the passenger compartment.


Infiniti, Interior Cabin


Second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) offers high levels of feedback and more direct steering responses in the Q60. The ‘steer-by-wire’ system does away with mechanically linked parts, instead employing digital components. The company say this is to improve steering feel and feedback. Quite how they manage that when nothing is attached remains to be seen. The connection between the driver and DAS is instantaneous, so they say.


A newly-enhanced Drive Mode Selector gives drivers the option to personalise and tailor DDS and DAS performance according to their needs and preferred driving style.


Quietly working their way into the minds of prestige car buyers after a slow start, Infiniti are now starting to get the message across. The brand has always been at the forefront of daring design and pioneering technology, now they are offering cars with real driver appeal. The Q60 is a very special car.

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