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The latest carbon fibre wheels from Porsche, investigated by MHH International car importers
If, when purchasing a new Porsche 911, the lucky buyer feels he simply has not spent sufficient money then Porsche have the answer: carbon braided wheels. From the beginning of 2018, the new carbon wheels will be available as an option for the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series in the dimensions of 9 J x 20 for the front axle and 11.5 J x 20 for the rear axle. In Germany, the price will be EUR 15,232 including VAT.

About The New Wheels


Carbon, the characteristically black high-tech material that seems to be taking over the motoring world, can be fully appreciated with a protective layer of clear lacquer. As a set, these frankly gorgeous wheels weigh around 8.5kg (18.7lbs) less than standard alloy wheels, which is a reduction, Porsche say, of 20%. That is going to equate well to the rolling resistance.


They are also twenty per cent stronger. With a reduced unsprung weight, the tyres trail the surface of the road better and are perfectly optimised for absorbing both longitudinal and lateral forces. Lower rotating masses mean more spontaneity both in acceleration and braking. The result is increased driving dynamics and driving pleasure, something all keen drivers desire.



Carbon braided wheel for Porsche car, MHH International UK car importers for Kenya look at the new technology



How They Are Built (information courtesy of Porsche)


Made entirely from carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP), the wheel is essentially comprised of two components . The wheel centre is made from carbon-fibre fabric. This involves cutting and assembling over 200 individual components we are told. The second component is the rim base made from braided carbon fibre by what is currently the world’s largest carbon fibre braiding machine with a diameter of approximately nine metres.


The wheel centre is then braided into the rim base. The assembled wheel is then impregnated with resin and pre-hardened at high pressure and high temperatures. The finished wheel is hardened at high temperatures followed by a long cooling process. The central lock is then inserted into the finished wheel and the wheel is protected with clear lacquer. Just add a 911.



The latest offering from prestige car maker Porsche - Carbon fibre wheels



Porsche is the first company in the global automotive industry to use this extremely complex technology. The braiding technology offers key advantages over the more conventional method of manufacturing pre-impregnated carbon-fibre fabric. The production technique makes the material structure of the carbon considerably morer dense and more compact. This, in turn, increases rigidity. A side benefit of this process is that by using the material more efficiently less waste is produced.


In total each new carbon wheel is made from a total of 18 kilometres of carbon fibre or eight square metres of carbon-fibre fabric. It’s an intensive process but the result as you can see, is worth all the trouble. The big question is, at the price they will be offered, are they a step too far?



Close up of Porsche’s carbon fibre wheel, these will be seen on the UK car market from 2018


The New Porsche Cayenne


By the time you read this Porsche will have celebrated the world première of the mighty new Cayenne. The vehicle is a complete redevelopment. The drive and chassis as well as the display and control concept have all been redesigned to further increase the spread between sportiness and comfort, say the company. More on this great new monolith of the road next week.


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