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New Lotus Evora GT430
Following the successful introduction of other recent models to global markets, legendary Norwich based sports car company Lotus has unveiled its most powerful road-going model ever – the Evora GT430 and it’s a beauty. A pure combination of elegance and power, Lotus has lavished attention on hand-crafted carbon-fibre components to endow this fully-homologated Evora with a level of precision engineering and design previously unseen.

This highly focused evolution of the critically acclaimed Evora is powered by a new development of the 3.5L V6 supercharged and charge-cooled engine producing a hair-raising 430hp, and benefiting from a significant hike in downforce. Lotus quite rightly say that the Evora GT430 is a class apart from its competitors.


In 1952 the late, lamented Colin Chapman founded Lotus. Although his precise words are lost to history he is reputed to have once said a version of the words that became the company’s mantra, “Simplify and then add lightness”. Well, perhaps the cars are no longer as simple as they once were but remain underpinned by the company’s acknowledged eminence in lightweight engineering. At a new benchmark weight of 1,258kg, the GT430 is the manufacturer’s most powerful and accomplished road car to date.


Lotus Evora GT430 side view


As is to be expected from this brand, with such performance and all the marque’s chassis expertise, the new sports car delivers tremendous real-world speed and handling unheard of in its class; so the company says. Who are we to argue when 0-60mph is dispatched in just 3.7 seconds and the car’s top speed is 190mph.


The bad news is that, at the time of writing, just 60 editions of this supreme Evora will be hand built in Norfolk, England, for sale in select markets around the world and is already considered to be a collector’s piece in the making. With new and specifically designed body panels, featuring exposed carbon weave sections, front and rear, the Lotus GT430 generates up to 250kg of downforce through advanced aerodynamics.


Larger front apertures, a new carbon fibre splitter, air blades and louvres positioned on top of each front wheel arch clearly illustrate the supercar credentials of the Evora when viewed head on. At the rear, aero ducts behind each wheel reduce pressure in the wheel arch and offer visibility of the wider Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. A large rear diffuser provides a sharp visual finish and the whole is crowned by a large, profiled carbon wing. The downforce generated makes its presence felt at even moderate speeds, allowing for higher cornering g-force and providing enhanced high-speed stability.

Lotus Evora GT 430 Interior

The company tell us that damping is provided by Lotus-tuned, Öhlins TTX two-way multi-adjustable units, combined with new, ultra-lightweight, Eibach springs provide an increase in spring rate if this sort of technical knowledge is of interest.

 Arguably of more importance to enthusiasts, the Lotus is perfect for B-road adventures, derived from a combination of clever aero and dynamic developments as well as outright power.


Newly-designed carbon-backed Sparco seats with a unique trim design can be specified, whilst customers looking for a more race focused cabin can request an optional driver and passenger four-point harnesses and titanium rear frame.

The steering wheel, dashboard, door panels, transmission tunnel and centre console are all trimmed in a combination of black Alcantara and perforated leather, with a full leather or full Alcantara trim option available at no additional cost.  All trim choices are complemented by contrast twin colour stitching, in red and white, and matt black interior panels. Also available are an integrated touch-screen infotainment system that includes iPod connectivity and Bluetooth functionality, satellite navigation and reversing camera.


Lotus is famous for using its technical expertise to develop the lightest engineering solutions. Yes, it is hugely powerful but, the GT430 is not just about brutal performance. It’s an intricate balance of power, finesse and road holding, no matter the speed, A true track-and-back sports car that is available to order now. Not many drivers will experience this car, but other Evora versions are readily available alongside the Exige, the Elise and the hugely entertaining, hardcore 3-Eleven.

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