New Cleaner Diesel Improves Performance and Lowers Costs for UK Imports

Tropicalising UK imported cars is no longer necessary now that new cleaner diesel is available.

Vivo Energy Kenya, which distributes and markets Shell branded fuels in Kenya, has become the first oil marketer in the country to import Low Sulphur Fuel Diesel (LSFD) with 50 parts per million (ppm) sulphur content. The level of sulphur in the diesel now falls into line with the European standard which specifies a maximum of 50 ppm of sulphur in diesel fuel for most highway vehicles.

This follows a legal notice, in December 2013, by the East African Community to amend the sulphur content from 500ppm to 50ppm; to take effect from January 1, 2015. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi are required to comply with the directive.

Better Performance and Reduced Costs

At MHH International we are delighted by the move to LSFD because we know our customers want quality, performance and fuel economy from their imports. Many people have been cautious towards importing UK cars because they had concerns of poor performance for European specification vehicles. Research by the oil companies has shown that cleaner diesel lowers the cost of motoring. Diesel 50ppm provides clean-up and keep clean benefits throughout the fuel distribution system, restoring lost performance, improving fuel economy and further reducing exhaust emissions. Reduced Corrosion and Repairs Furthermore, reducing sulphur levels in diesel allows the use of emission-reducing technologies in vehicles, such as high-pressure injection, computer controls and exhaust gas recirculation. These technologies cannot function if a vehicle uses high-sulphur diesel. Lower sulphur levels in fuel also reduce corrosion in car cylinders and exhausts, leading to longer engine life and less frequent repairs or rebuilds.

Cheaper Motoring

Better fuel efficiency is not the only cost benefit. At MHH International we include tropicalisation as part of our service. This is no longer necessary in countries where LSFD is widely available, so we can pass on the cost saving of £1,000 to our customers. Motorists who have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) will benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs because they will not need to change their DPF as often as they currently do.

Improving Health & Environment

Sulphur oxides, soot and smoke particles emitted into the air from vehicles cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and increase the risk of lung cancer. A study done by the World Bank shows that a switch to low-sulphur diesel plus the use of cleaner vehicles would result in annual savings in health costs of about $6 billion in sub-Saharan Africa. The benefits of LSFD cannot be understated because of the adverse impact that high sulphur has on human health and the environment.

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