Mhh International Earns The Seal Of Approval From Bimta

Rowan Benn
By Rowan Benn

At MHH international, we pride ourselves with being a leading and trusted exporter of vehicles from the UK, Japan and Australia to the rest of the world. Our goal is to transform the buying experience for imported cars into a pleasurable and effortless experience. Buying an imported car requires trust, expertise and professionalism. With over 10 years of experience exporting thousands of cars into Kenya, we have seen our fair share of deals that use bad practices in the industry.

Avoiding Car Import Horrors

We have had many horrific stories from some Kenyans who have imported cars from Japan but ended up with cars that have either been stolen from the source or have had the mileage tampered with. For example, you may buy a car with an advertised mileage of 40,000kms but in reality the car has 120,000kms. This means you are likely to encounter ‘old age’ problems with a car that you thought met your demands. Higher mileage cars that have been clocked back are more likely to cost you more in the long run as you would have to dig deeper into your pocket to replace major component in your car sooner than you had expected.

Seal of approval from BIMTA

At MHH International, we believe this should not be the case and in fact, your car should only require a basic service at most over a period of usage. Unfortunately, this is not a secret in the traders’ world but there are still many unscrupulous traders trying to get a higher margin for cars that do not qualify the price tag. In line with this, we have recently joined BIMTA (British Independent Motor Trade Association) who are recognised by the AA (NZ), DVLA, Department for Transport, HMRC and Trading Standards, and offer unrivalled advice and services on all aspects of Japanese imports and the export of vehicles.

BIMTA Code of Conduct

Established 30 years ago, BIMTA is the as the definitive ‘voice’ of the independent dealerships in the UK. BIMTA requires that all members sign up to a code of conduct which means you can buy with confidence knowing that we have been vetted and accepted by a reputable UK trade association.

Full Vehicle Checks on All Japanese Cars

BIMTA would be comparable to the HPI (Formerly known as Higher Purchase Information) checks that are offered in the UK just prior to purchasing a used vehicle from a dealer or private buyer. These checks would reveal vital alerts that would help protect buyers from fraudsters and discover if the car has any hidden history. The data comes from DVLA, the national mileage register, police records, Insurance companies, finance houses and industry bodies. From the UK, we have heard of stolen cars being sold to uniformed buyers outside the UK. Kenya in particular has been cracking down on this through Interpol however, Interpol does not guarantee that you are not buying a stolen car either, nor are you assured of the mileage. The HPI however, gives us peace of mind while sourcing our clients’ vehicles from the UK. BIMTA does not charge for vehicles whose data cannot be revealed and offers a buy back guarantee for vehicles that have been checked and at a later time, found to have had incorrect mileage.

BIMTA Mileage verification for Japanese cars

MHH International is currently the only Japanese exporter to Kenya that has this seal of approval, and we are therefore able to confidently have the mileage and background checks done prior to purchasing a vehicle from Japan allowing us to now offer a reliable authentication service from Japan meaning you can buy your next vehicle with the utmost confidence.

We at MHH International strongly believe in supplying high quality vehicles and having a nationally recognised body that can give us confidence in our selection gives us great joy. It’s got to feel right when you are importing your car and that comes from having confidence that you have chosen a car with a known background and correct mileage.

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