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By Geoff Maxted

The prestigious Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been the German brand’s best seller for decades and the new 2021 model, either with two- or four-wheel-drive, takes the best of its predecessors and adds the very latest in technology and prestige motoring.

Mercedes C Class OS front

The Looks

The dynamic proportions ooze sporting credentials despite the frugality of its hybrid credentials. The design is modern, offering a combination of short front overhang, a long wheelbase and rear overhang. The sporty bonnet with power domes accentuates the suggestion of forward motion. The windscreen and passenger cell have been moved to the rear to mimic the historic classic design proportion known in the industry as "cab-backward".

The Interior

The interior is the latest in automotive luxury, adopting highlights from the new S-Class and adding a welcome sporty touch. The driver-centric dashboard is divided into an upper and a lower section: A wing-like section with new, flattened round vents flowing from the centre console to the dashboard without interruption. Driver-focus adds to the sportiness: the dashboard and central display are slightly tilted towards the driver by six degrees.

The driver area features a high-resolution LCD screen. It is free-standing, and appears to float in front of the wing profile and the expanse of trim. This sets the driver display apart from traditional cockpits with classic round dials. Customers have a choice between a 10.25” (26.0cm) or a 12.3” (31.2cm) version. The whole is described by the company as having ‘a holistic, aesthetic experience’, which means it’s really nice.

Mercedes C Class Interior
Mercedes C Class OS Rear

Like the recently announced new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the new C-Class is equipped with the second generation of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). The vehicle interior becomes even more digital and intelligent, as both the hardware and software have made great strides forward: Bright images on the LCD screens make it easy to control vehicle and comfort functions, for example, and includes a new ‘voice assistant’. This vehicle is, in short, a hotbed of the very latest in motoring technology.

The Power

Thanks to systematic electrification and intelligent downsizing, the new C-Class sets new standards in efficiency. The engine range has only four-cylinder units from the Mercedes-Benz engine family with needs-based electrification.

In addition to turbocharging, both the diesel and the petrol engines now have an integrated starter-generator (ISG) for intelligent assistance at low engine speeds as a mild hybrid of the second generation. This ensures outstanding power delivery. The ISG uses a forty-eight volt on-board electrical system that ensures functions such as gliding, boosting or energy recovery, and makes significant fuel savings possible. Plug-in hybrids will make an appearance shortly after the initial launch and rear-wheel steering will be an option.

The engines also start very rapidly and comfortably as a result, so that the start/stop function is almost as imperceptible to the driver as is the transition from gliding with the engine switched off to strong acceleration under engine power. When idling, the intelligent interaction between the ISG and the combustion engine ensures outstandingly smooth running.

Mercedes C Class Engine
Mercedes C Class Rear

Automatic transmission is now standard across the whole C-Class range, both saloon and estate cars. The nine-speed G-TRONIC transmission has been developed further to work in conjunction with the ISG. The electric motor, power electronics and transmission cooler have now moved into or to the transmission, which offers advantages with regard to installation space and weight. In addition, the efficiency of the transmission has been increased. It goes without saying that the latest in safety technology is fitted as standard.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a perennially popular prestige choice with discerning MHH International customers. Get in touch to find out more about this fabulous new 21st Century car.

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