Import the 2014 Mercedes Benz E250 for Just 4.45M Kes Duty Paid to Nairobi

2014 Mercedes Benz E250
Drive the stunning Mercedes-Benz E250 petrol. This mid-size saloon has got to be the best executive model in the class. A 4 door saloon with is 2.0L engine will get you places in style and comfort. Whether you are taking the family for a day out or simply enroute to meet friends for a round of golf, the E-class will always deliver. We have selected this 2014 because it is the perfect combination of colour, mileage, high condition grade (4.5), specification and price.

2014 Mercedes E250 Avantgarde

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2.0L Petrol

Grade 4.5

Obsidian Black

Keyless start

Leather Seats

Alloy wheels


Mileage: 43,000 km

C&F Price:  $20,240 USD

Duty paid to Nairobi : 4.45 M  KES


The import price includes duties and delivery to Nairobi and a 3 month warranty. All you need to get driving with peace of mind. 

This is just one example of the cars you can import with our team. Contact the team and we will help you find your Mercedes E250 to import to Kenya today. 


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