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Understand how the car import process works from the UK all the way to collection in Port Louis with our step by step guide covering car sourcing, shipping, transport, costs, duties, customs clearing and registration in Mauritius

Buying used cars from the UK

Our car sourcing specialists have unparalleled trade networks and experience to find your perfect car at the best price. We strive to source VAT qualifying cars if buying from the UK and process the VAT on your behalf. You will not need to cover the VAT whilst we reclaim it. You can enjoy the discount in your purchase price from us.

Car Export Process UK to Mauritius

Our buying specialists will help you source your perfect car, negotiate the purchase and import it carefully to Mauritius. If you have found the car you want to buy in the UK, we are happy to manage the transaction and provide our export service for you.

Find your perfect car.

Our buying team find the best cars for you.

Reserve your car 

Once you have decided a small deposit is needed to reserve it.

Import permit application

Our recommended dealer will help you apply for your import permit.

Buy your car

We will buy your car and bring it to our offices and arrange the Bureau Veritas inspection

Ship your car

Our team personally deliver your car to the port ready to ship to Mauritius.

Arrival in Mauritius

Your clearing agent and dealer will then complete the import for you.

Payment Process for UK cars exported to Mauritius.

A small deposit is needed to reserve your car while your import permit application is processed.

The balance payment for the CIF service is required before your car is delivered to the UK port.

Separate payments are made to your approved dealer and clearing agent in Mauritius for their services.

Shipping a Used Car to Mauritius

Shipping options to Port Louis.

Vehicles can be shipped via Roll on – Roll off services or in secure containers.

Roll on Roll off shipping; This is the cheapest method for shipping cars to Mauritius which makes it the most popular choice. Cars are driven onto the ship’s deck and secured to the deck with large straps before leaving for Port Louis.

Container shipping; This is a popular choice for high value cars as it is the most secure. Cars are carefully loaded into either single 20ft containers or a shared 40ft container where they are secured prior to locking the container. Additional items can be shipped in the container too such as accessories. This is a more expensive method of shipping but the security it provides give peace of mind.

Shipping Process – How to Book

Our team take care of this for you as part of our service.

Vehicle Collection and Preparation

Our experienced team of drivers, collect your car, and drive it back to our offices for photographing and preparation you may request such as window tinting, accessories and alloys.

We arrange and manage your Bureau Veritas inspection before being exported.

Vehicle Shipping from the UK

When your car is ready to leave, our team drive it to the port. This ensures that the car’s battery is fully charged before spending around 30 days in transit to Mauritius.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car from the UK to Mauritius?

The shipping costs from the UK to Mauritius are as follows:

Shipping Costs - UK to Mauritius

Excise Duty and VAT rates for motor vehicles entering Mauritius.

IED & VAT Rates

Cost Checklist to Get Your Car on the Road

The costs you can export to pay to import and put your car on the road are:

Purchase of the car (includes car price, shipping to Port Louis and marine insurance)

Import permit

Customs Duty

port charges

Sales tax at the current rate

Registration fees

Road tax, known locally as 'declaration'.

Bureau Veritas Pre-Export Inspection 

Prior to export, each car must undergo a roadworthiness inspection. These are carried out by Bureau Veritas. We book and manage the inspections for all our clients.

The price for a Bureau Veritas inspection is £390

Vehicle Regulations for Mauritius

The key requirements are:

Age: The car must be between 18 and 48 months old when shipped.

Drive: Motor vehicles can only by Right Hand Drive (RHD)

Road-worthiness: All vehicles must have the Bureau Veritas Certification

Import permit: All second-hand motor vehicles must have a valid import permit. The approved import permit must be obtained before the shipping of the vehicle from the country of origin.

Documents Needed to Import your car into Mauritius

When your car arrives, your clearing agent will need all of the following to clear and register your car in Mauritius.

Import Permit obtained from the Ministry of Commerce prior to export of the car.

Import Declaration Form application and processing (IDF).

Import duties and levies.

Registration of your vehicle in Mauritius.

Port charges.

Road tax.

How Long Does it Take to import a car to Mauritius?

The shipping journey to Mauritius is 30 days from the UK.


Clearance, Registration and Collection of your car.

When your car arrives, your dealer will assist with clearing customs and registration ready for you to drive your new car home for the first time.

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