How One Simple Benefit will Improve Employee Satisfaction, Productivity and Corporate Image.

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Have you ever missed a meeting because the other person’s car has broken down? Or worse, were you that person? You have been setting the meeting up for some time and the preparation had taken a few people in the team to pull together. No matter how gracious the jilted party is about the situation, do they really mean that it is ok? Whilst you feel sorry for the person there’s always a tinge of frustration which rubs off on the relationship. A person’s ability to care for their car shouldn’t reflect on their ability to do their job.

Improving affordability

The average age of cars on the road in Kenya is 12 years old. Average! So the average stock pool is relatively aged too and restricted to cars that are already in the car yards. This limits the quality of cars that most of us can, buy even with a company car allowance. But what if the company car benefit was extended to import cars? The leading asset finance banks NIC, CBA and I&M have cottoned onto this idea and extended their asset finance partnerships with professional car importer MHH International. This ground-breaking product now allows Kenyans to finance a car from Japan or the UK with just a 20% deposit. Customers can spread their payments over five years.


Less risk, better value with imports.

Finance on imports was previously considered too risky. Unregulated companies selling on trust with little comeback. But MHH International have reversed that image and are now endorsed by the banks because of the consistently high quality of their cars. They make the asset book look very healthy whilst improving the affordability of better quality cars for their customers.


Better retention, productivity and corporate image.

The real gem is when you consider the impact on the workforce. The opportunity for an entire team to buy a wider choice of higher quality cars is a very powerful company benefit. The happier the employee is complemented with less down time and fewer of those embarrassing car trouble issues. The company image is also given a boost as the team elevates the quality of cars that they now have access to. We haven’t even touched on the possibility of improved safety for everyone on the road. Now there’s the biggest benefit of all, to human life.


Simple ideas bring big impact

It’s astonishing when you think about it. A relatively simple product can improve the lives of a company’s workforce and enhance the company’s productivity and reputation. These banks are really onto something which can help many Kenyans get more out of their day. More out of life.


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