Rowan Benn
By Rowan Benn

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘how long does it take to import a car and how does it work?’ This article explains the steps involved in the process and the typical timings involved so you will have a good understanding of when you can realistically expect to be driving your car home

Like so many things in life, the import process is very straight forward when you have the facts. Once you have found the car you want and placed your deposit on it in the UK, you can expect to be driving it home in 70 days time. The process is broken down below. It can be done in 60 days, if all the timings come together for you, but we think it’s more helpful to share realistic timings so you can plan around them effectively.

Import Process

We run a back to back import service with McCullough Shipping because they take excellent care of our cars and our clients. The CIF service means you have paid for your car to be imported and managed through customs all the way to being delivered to the compliance doorstep. There’s no obligation, but many of our clients find is very helpful for Joe Steele’s team to also manage their compliance, registration and nav conversion. We make importing your car simple and stress free. Contact the team today to find out more about the car you are thinking of importing.  

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