How To Know You Are Buying A Genuine Import Car Every Time

Buying a genuine car, MHH International
Most people are put off importing a car because of the worry about being mis-sold your car. But if you could feel 100% confident that your imported car was definitely going to be a genuine showroom quality car, wouldn’t that make importing so much easier? At MHH International we have heard all the stories, and know that trust is critical to confident, stress free car importing.

Our consistent inspection standards have earnt us bank partnerships with NCBA and I&M Bank which allow you to buy your car with asset finance when you buy one of our cars. No other car importer in Kenya can offer you cars from the UK and Japan for asset finance. We insist that all our cars meet our rigorous inspections before we buy them. 

Quality Check List of UK and Japanese Cars, MHH International

Put simply all MHH cars must meet the following standards, or we simply won’t buy it. Importing your car stress free means you can simply choose your car and enjoy the drive.  Call our experienced team today to find your next car.

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