Jul 01, 2020

People buying cars from the UK who wish to export them beyond the EU need to know how this reclaim process actually works. Not all UK dealers are set up to do this and some will ask you to cover the VAT until it has been returned from the UK Tax office. But you can buy your car without having to pay for the VAT at all. This article will help you to understand the options available to you and the best way for you to buy your car tax free from the UK stress free. Many people we have met over the years have bought cars from the UK and never recovered the VAT. Perhaps because they didn’t know how to or the advice they had been given wasn’t very accurate, or the people who promised to reclaim it for them didn’t deliver on their promise and so it was never approved by the UK Tax office. This is always disappointing to hear and we hope this article will help to stop these issues from happening.