MHH International Reviews The Glorious Porsche GT3 Sportscar

Porsche GT3 on the track, MHH International
Unquestionably, the latest 911 GT3 is pure Porsche. In a time when many cars are getting softer it is good to know that some car makers still consider their core aims. Porsche rightly claim that the GT3 bridges the gap between motorsport and road driving, truly reflecting the soul of 911. A driver’s life probably doesn’t get much better than this.

Success on the track is carried over onto the highways thanks to a completely new, six-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine with 500 thoroughbred horses at your disposal courtesy of the high-speed four-litre flat engine concept, the revised chassis with near-motorsport tuning and the lightweight construction.

The Power


Developed on the same test track and manufactured on the same production line as the racing car, Porsche’s motorsport technology has once again been incorporated into a road-approved sports car. As a result, Porsche’s most successful GT sports car delivers a powerful mix of high performance and raw, unfiltered driving feel.

The high-revving naturally-aspirated engine with 460Nm of torque is, say the company, virtually a carbon copy of that in the thoroughbred 911 GT3 Cup racing car. The redesigned chassis with rear-axle steering and the lightweight construction are specifically configured to convert the engine power into superior driving dynamics. For those who like true purity of driving an optional six-speed sports manual stick-shift is also available for the first time in addition to the standard Porsche PDK transmission.


Porsche GT3 close up of boot lettering, MHH International



The weight-to-power ratio is, as mentioned, almost at motorsport levels.
The high-performance 911 GT3 can accelerate from zero to 62mph in a very brief 3.4 seconds. The standard seven-speed PDK transmission is optimised for use on the track. Both manual and automatic transmissions are combined with rear differential locks for extra grip.


Porsche GT3 rear spoiler 

 Chassis & Aero


Optimised spring and damper tuning improves the lateral dynamics. The Porsche Active Suspension Management shock-absorber system delivers the perfect balance of comfort and sportiness as you would expect from this venerable German brand. Crucially, the rear axle steering improves agility when driving around bends, while also ensuring stability when manoeuvring at high speeds.

The magnificent carbon rear wing, a characteristic, iconic feature of Porsche GT sports cars, – is situated higher in the air flow than previously, thus generating greater downforce. The front and rear ends have been aerodynamically optimised and are constructed from lightweight polyurethane to reduce weight.



Porsche GT3 interior, MHH International


The GT sports steering wheel and Sports seats Plus with extended side bolsters deliver the true 911 GT3 driving experience. They are also surprisingly comfortable too. There’s also an optional Clubsport package which includes a roll cage, six-point racing harness and fire extinguisher for the truly hardcore owner.

The Porsche Track Precision app which is included as standard on all models, is accessible via a smartphone and provides drivers with detailed performance data regarding lap times. The app is connected to the Internet via the Connect Plus module also offered as standard and offers access to Porsche Connect services.

The audio system delivers a total output of 555 watts and has twelve (twelve!) fully-active loudspeakers and amplifier channels, including a patented, built-in 100-watt high-performance subwoofer. The fully active system design allows each individual loudspeaker to be optimally adjusted to the vehicle interior, transforming the 911 into a concert hall worthy of a philharmonic orchestra. As you would expect, all the usual toys are available for the tech-heads out there.

There is so much to this car. So many options and selections to choose from to truly personalise your ride. With UK prices starting at around £100,000 this desirable sports express is highly recommended and available now.


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Porsche GT3 at speed, MHH International

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