Get The Biggest Single Saving on UK Car Imports

Tax Free Savings on UK Car Imports - MHH International
To be sure you are saving every dollar you can when importing a car, you need to know about UK VAT reclaim for exports. The biggest single saving you can make is buying a car VAT free from the UK. You can get a 20% saving off the advertised price of a car if it is a ‘gross vat qualifying’ car. This means it has been owned by a business and not privately in its life. But not all vat qualifying cars are advertised as such and many dealers are not prepared to reclaim the VAT for you.

At MHH International we find these cars as part of our service and we reclaim VAT so you get the 20% saving automatically in your quote. All you have to do is choose your perfect car from the selection we share with you, then sit back and let us take care of the importing for you. Stress free importing is what we’re all about.

Only a UK VAT registered business can reclaim VAT for you. If someone is telling you they can reclaim VAT from another country, or aren’t VAT registered then they have misinformed you or aren’t playing by the rules. Contact the team today to find out how much you can save by importing your next car. 

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