Driven By Performance

Although the car market is changing, there are some things never change. Almost every week we see new models, new niche brands appearing or a new car that goes faster than the one before. With even more rules and regulations globally that govern how and what we drive, our four-wheeled world seems always to be in a state of evolution. There are however some constants that we demand and that should never change and they are quality and performance.


A Need For Speed

The world of prestige cars has so much to offer; automotive beauty, space, convenience; they all matter to discerning buyers and they matter to us here at MHH International too. That's why we turn to premium car makers. Anyone who has ever sat in an executive Audi saloon or the sumptuous interior of a fast, sleek Bentley will attest to the fact that these cars are worth the extra money. So it is with sports cars; they may be a niche market designed for enthusiasts but it is clear that although we are required to be cleaner and greener in our motoring lives, the love of sporting motors has never changed. So here is just a small selection of prestige sports cars available today:


Jaguar F-Type

Back in 2013, the British Jaguar brand caused a sensation with the launch of the F-Type sports car. Featuring the very latest in vehicle design and technology, yet still retaining hints of its illustrious predecessor the E-Type, the car was an instant hit and remains so in both the new and used car market.

In December last year a revised model was launched (pictured) to further acclaim. More gorgeous than ever, the new F-Type embodies the E-Type DNA in its purest form. This assertive two-seat sports car offers a perfect balance of performance and driving pleasure defined inside by luxurious materials and beautiful detailing. The original purpose is not forgotten though and the brand offers a range of powerful, responsive engines includes four and eight-cylinder options, mated to eight-speed 'Quickshift' gearboxes with full manual control using either the gear selector or the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

This most sporting of big cat's also offers more driver-focused technology, including a high-definition, 12.3" Interactive Driver Display, Touch Pro infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus Meridian sound as standard. Software updates can be made at the customer’s convenience over-the-air without having to visit a dealer. One of the best sports cars ever just got better still.


Audi TT

The Audi TT has been renowned for its sporty and progressive design for well over fifteen years. Last year the German marque launched the third generation (pictured) of Coupé and Roadster variants with the option of super-fast RS models. This car embodies driving dynamics and automotive technology at their best; in design, a choice of clean performance engines and a chassis built for handling.


For both engine versions Audi offers a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The 45 TSFI is also available with a manual gearbox with six speeds to suit the purists. In both cases it is all about the driving experience; the close-ratio lower gears enable powerful acceleration while the wide ratio of each transmission’s highest gear reduces engine speed and with it fuel consumption. The best of both worlds.


Roadsters have always played an important role in BMW's history and the latest BMW Z4 is no exception. Since the birth of the famous original, the 328, all BMW roadsters have shared the common proportions and design principles beloved of motoring enthusiasts: The long bonnet, a low, set-back driving position, long wheelbase and short rear overhang and of course, rear-wheel drive. Just as it should be.

What's changed is the technology beneath the styling. Agility, dynamic performance and precise handling are better than ever thanks to the high rigidity of the body structure and chassis mountings. The lightweight design and optimised aerodynamic properties aid economy and performance. The BMW Z4 combines within that sporting pedigree a wealth of highly advanced, top class equipment features on the driver assistance, operation and connectivity fronts.

The roads may be crowded, SUV's the size of dinosaurs may rule the Earth, but it is thanks to cars like the ones featured above and others of similar type that we can still enjoy our driving to the maximum. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve motoring Nirvana!





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