What our customers are saying

We're always very pleased to know our customers are happy with their cars. Here are a few testimonials from our valued customers.

Mary, Kenya

How did you find out about MHH International?
MHH was recommended to me by a friend who had used their service.

How easy was it to find the car that you were looking for?
Not too easy. But eventually we found a suitable one.

What were you expecting to happen? And did it turn out that way?
I had not imported a vehicle before so each step was a learning experience.

What was your experience of the MHH International team like?
Good. They were helpful and patient.

Was it easy to keep track of where your car was during the import process?

Did the quality of your car meet or beat your expectations?
Yes,the most important aspects were met.

Would you be happy recommend the service to friends and colleagues?

If so what would you tell them?
Why seek to import a vehicle on your own when MHH can facilitate it for you

Fareedh Kana, Kenya

I just signed up to congratulate you on your delivery and service, though i cannot afford it but you surely seem to be delivering santa claus's presents to big boys like me. I wish i could have one delivered to me. But alas! we are in the real world. The Mercedes C200 is beyond my dreams! Ciao until God Hears Me Out!

Ashwin, Mauritius

As soon as I was allowed to take the car home, I got an offer from a buyer who wanted to buy the car for much more than what I paid, of course I didn’t sell as I would need to wait for another 3 months. The car is really impressive and I would like to thank you both very much for the pain you taken with me.

Eddie, Kenya

Thanks a lot for the car, I picked it from my clearing agent in Mombasa yesterday and drove it all the way from Mombasa to Nairobi myself.... The car is super I must say. I am looking for another one similar but 2010 model.

Christopher, Zambia

Kindly find attached photos of the BMW I proudly bought from MHH in 2012. I have moved a lot of mileage and the vehicle is still going smooth and very nice.

Danny Chibinda, Zambia

Equally got an A4 from MHH international in Sept 2012 and the vehicle still looks and drives fantastic! Yesterday someone was asking me if I got it while new and couldn't believe it when I told him it was a 2003 car.

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