BMW Expand Electrification With Two New Models

Introducing the new BMW X1 xDrive25e and the new BMW X2 xDrive25e. Body

The latest news here at MHH International reveals that BMW, one of Germany's most popular premium brands, has reiterated the company's ongoing commitment to electrified technology. Thanks to recent advances in battery cell technology, new BMW plug-in hybrid models are extending the possibilities of locally emissions-free driving in town and country. They have just announced the new BMW X1 xDrive25e and the new BMW X2 xDrive25e, which both take full advantage of the latest-generation lithium-ion battery technology. More choice for fans of the premium BMW badge.


Mileage & Grip

The cars feature a highly efficient electric drive and a latest-generation lithium-ion battery which enable an electrically powered range of up to 35 miles in these two new plug-in hybrid models. With average fuel consumption of 134.5 – 148.7 miles per gallon (depending as ever on terrain and driving style) and CO² emissions of between a low 43 and 48 g/km, both models set a competitive hybrid benchmark. Further, the cars feature a model-specific all-wheel drive system which, we are informed, delivers fast and precise distribution of power between the front and rear wheels, ensuring the high level of driving agility we expect from BMW.


Plug-in System

The plug-in hybrid system of the BMW X1 xDrive 25e and the BMW X2 xDrive25e consists of a 1.5L three-cylinder petrol engine with BMW's own 'TwinPower' Turbo Technology and an electric drive specially developed for this model. The petrol engine develops a peak output of 125bhp and a maximum torque of 220Nm. It transfers its power to a 6-speed Steptronic transmission and drives the front wheels.


The electric motor generates an output of 95bhp and delivers 165Nm of torque to the rear wheels via a single-speed transmission. This makes for a hybrid specific all-wheel drive, which gives these models a unique level of agility, we learn, in their class. The electric motor’s highly responsive power delivery provides maximum torque spontaneously from standstill, enabling the driver to react extremely quickly to changing driving conditions.


Additionally, the position of the electric motor above the rear axle contributes to the balanced axle load distribution. The intelligently controlled interaction between the two power units provide maximum driving stability, ride comfort and dynamic response. Together, the combustion engine and electric motor produce a system output of 220bhp. The maximum system torque of both drive units is 385Nm. Acceleration for the BMW X1 xDrive25e to 63mph is a brisk 6.9 seconds, whilst the BMW X2 xDrive25e does the same one-tenth of a second quicker, if that matters. In addition, the electric boost provided by the drive system enables sporty driving when the moods takes.


Evolved Battery Technology

With the very latest high-voltage battery cell technology, these new BMW vehicles possess generous reserves of electrical energy enabling the driver to complete much of their everyday local journeys emissions-free. The latest-generation battery technology has a gross energy content of 10 kWh. This allows for an electrically powered range of between 33 and 35 miles in both vehicles. The high-voltage battery can be charged at conventional household sockets using the standard-equipment charging cable. An empty battery can be fully charged in around five hours in this way. It only takes 3.8 hours for the battery to reach 80 percent of its total capacity. Using a dedicated Wallbox, the relevant charging operation from 0 to 100 percent takes less than 3.2 hours.


As ever, the interiors are just as we would expect from this prestige brand with much of the latest high-tech safety features and infotainment carrying over from the latest available in other models. Hybrid technology comes of age. Please contact us here at MHH International for information on all BMW models.

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