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MHH International looks at a selection of the best gadgets you can buy for your car
The driving experience is being drastically changed by improvements in technology. Almost every month we read about the latest model launch with world exclusive gadgets and safety technology. But there is no need to save up for a new car to benefit from the inventors’ creations. The internet of things allows us to buy the more affordable in car accessories as add-ons to our current car. It’s simply a case of keeping ahead of what’s out there. So we’ve brought to you some of the coolest and most practical gadgets which will improve your life for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Hudway Glass Heads up display.

Hudway Glass head up display

Launched in July, The Hudway Glass turns any smart phone into a heads up display (hud) for any car. This universal accessory works with the Hudway app to provide navigation information, a speedometer and a speed camera right on your windscreen. Simply fit the glass display to your dash board and place your phone in the cradle. The transparent display screen then presents your data within your eye line so you can keep your eyes on the road and a clear view of your speed and planned direction. Launch cost $69.99.

Jabra Freeway Wireless Speaker Phone.

Jabra incar phone system

The Jabra Freeway is one of the first in-car speaker phones to have three speakers coupled with virtual surround sound. Dual-mic technology filters out everything but your voice allowing your conversation to be heard without the interference of background noises. Listen to your music via the 3 speaker virtual surround sound or use the FM transmitter to play your tunes directly through your car radio. The system gives you voice guidance and tells you who is calling so you can stay fully focused on your driving whilst taking calls. Available from £79.99.

TFY IPad Car Headrest Mount Holder.

Ipad Car headrest holder

No need to install an integrated entertainment system. Instead, convert your child’s Ipad into an in car entertainment system for just $15.00 + shipping. The TFY works with the Ipad 2,3 or 4 and gives you full access to all controls and ports when your ipad is in place. It attaches to your car’s headrest with an adjustable strap. The synthetic leather case is proven to be durable and a soft interior lining protects the Ipad from scuffs and scratches. Available from $15.00.

Zip Grip Go.

Zip grips for Snow, Ice and Mud

Designed to cope with mud, ice and snow, they are the ideal cost effective solution for emergency traction. This is really great emergency kit to keep on your boot. Zipgripgo is a patented alternative to buying expensive and cumbersome tyre chains. Quick and easy to install even after getting stuck, they fit on rims up to 22”. Removed by simply cutting off. Each pack contains 12 traction ties and are easily to store in your boot.  Available for $24.95.

Infernal Innovations Magnetic Phone Mount

Magnetic phone mount

Attaching your phone mount seems more sensible on the dash than on your windscreen (which is illegal in some countries.) This very popular phone mount attaches to the car’s CD slot. Compatible with many phones & accessories the system has done away with clamps by using 4 strong neodymium magnets which are compatible for even the larger smartphones. The three rubber spacers provided ensure the mount works in most CD slots. The mount comes with a 5 year warranty. Great value at £14.98.

Nova Air Purifier Filter by NovaPURE.

Nova Air Purifier by NovaPURE

With air pollution being one of Nairobi’s biggest health risks, an air purifier is a serious consideration. There are many air purifiers on the market, this one has excellent rating amongst its peers. The Nova pure removes dust, pollen, smoke and fine particles by generating 4.3million negative ions per cm3. The purifies eliminates odours rather than covers them up and is effective against smoke and stale odours. It also kills bacteria and viruses and comes with a significant warranty. Available for $20.95. A small price to put for your family’s health.

Bestek 300W Power Converter

Bestek Power converter

A must have for road trips, outdoor adventurers and remote job sites. This power converter converts 12V DC power from your car battery to 230V AC mainpower. The Bestek Advantage is currently the best seller for power inverters in the UK. It has one standard plug socket and two USB ports. It is suitable for powering a laptop, TV, cell phones, battery chargers lights, Ipads and other electric devices. It comes with a built in fuse and a cooling fan which gives inbuilt protection against short circuiting, overloading, overheating, low battery voltage and over battery voltage. Ultra compact and lightweight this is a valuable support aid to carry for just £25.88.

DB Power Portable Jump Starter Pack.

Portable jump start kit

A real life saver! This bit of kit will jump start up to a 6.5L petrol or a 5.2L diesel up to 30 times with 600A peak current. Is you would hope, it comes with advanced safety protection. The high quality and spray gold clamps has over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection. The newly added smart USB charging port recognizes and charge your devices at the fastest speed possible with a inside identification circuit. Other new developments are the LCD Screen and Compass. The LCD screen can exactly show the remaining power, output current and voltage and the compass can help you find your way home should you get lost in the wild. Currently available at £70 plus shipping from the UK, half price from the usual retail sale price.


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